Tusk Compact Control Switch Installation | Enduro Lighting Kit

The switch can be used on about any motorcycle but comes with the Tusk enduro lighting kit. add blinkers, horn, and brake light with the tusk enduro lighting kit! Available at rockymountainatvmc.com!

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Title : Tusk Compact Control Switch Installation | Enduro Lighting Kit
Video Length : “05:39
Channel | User | Playlist : Rocky Mountain ATV MC
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RockyMountain MC

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  • I have this complete light kit installed and all are working off a 12v5ah battery. 04 crf150f kick start. Kit didn’t come w headlight so have an aftermarket headlight on that has hi/lo (4wire:blue, white,Brown,green). Didn’t realize the 3 wires (blue/white/black) from the harness(control/switch) aren’t powered. any advice? Would ultimately like to hook up to same battery as other lights

    • +Mike Klumb Ok. So your (blue/white) wires are for your hi/lo beam. The (black) wire coming out of the compact control switch is your power. However you plan to power your headlight, you would just need to tie your (black) wire into that (wire). Powering your control switch. Let me know if that works.

    • You’re the man! I was going off black as neg blue as lo white as high. Thank you thank you! We have light! GREATLY APPRECIATED along with the fastest response time. Great customer service hard to come by these days, will recommend to everyone.

    • +Rocky Mountain ATV MC  I did the same thing but no power. I have a blue white and two green wires that go to the head light. I connected the black to the two green wires and the white with white and  blue with blue. why isn’t it working?

  • Yeah it looks pretty slick and the way we customized the rear under fender for tail kit + turns. Only thing I’m debating, you think the 12v5ah battery will be good for complete tusk street legal kit + 30w headlight. I will add another in line fuse for light but I’m going to wire both to battery w/ quick connect so when battery dies, can hookup 12v charger w quick connect …battery is in airbox and will be sealed w/ leads coming out for access for easy disc.+hookup. Don’t think wires should warm up if using bigger gauge. Lastly, am I understanding right, stock stator would not be enough for this setup. (kickstart) again, thanks for all your help!

    • +Mike Klumb The stock stator no. It doesn’t provide a high enough output to power such a unit. I know Trail Tech makes some high output stator kits though, so that might be an option? I’m not sure if its available for your year machine? The battery pack idea seams fine to me. Updating the wires to thicker AWG wire wouldn’t be a bad idea with the headlight an all.

  • Where can I find how to install this into a new Halo headlight?? I have looked everywhere. This shows how to install into an already working headlight only

  • hi I am currently trying to install the head light on my bike. how ever its on a crf150f and it does not have a stator and I am trying to run it off the tusk battery. I cant find out how to install it can you help me

    • +Rocky Mountain ATV MC there are 4 wires. a white and blue then two green that connects together. I connect the whip with white blue with blue and black with green with bullet connectors. no go.. I’m stumped tried a couple varations and Nothing.

    • +Rocky Mountain ATV MC yaa I don’t think I’m grounding it ether. where am I suppose to ground it. and I got a cheep one off Amazon can’t remeber name paid 25 bucks for it lol

    • +crazyruski777 You’ll need to figure out which wires the ground coming off your headlight, and ground it to the frame. Generally you can just go off of an existing bolt to ground it.

  • I did exactly as video pictures described but now when I turn on signal lights to the left the rear right signal light comes on and vice versa when turning right signal light on. Also my hand lever brake does not work but foot brake does. I installed micro switch to hand brake lever. All worked fine until I wired as described in the video. Something weird going on!!!

    • +Donald McCoy Sounds like theres a little mix up with just connecting the blinker wires, maybe double checking them in the harness you’ll be able to diagnose it? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DoJ7IpImKU

      Could be you mixed up the wires to the (front) hydraulic brake switch? Maybe check there to. If that doesn’t do the trick, let me know what color wires from the harness you have going where? We’ll see if we can get this figured out..

  • I just got the same switch but i missing a wiring diagram or something? can someone help me out and tell me which wire goes where or let me know where i can find a wiring diagram??

  • So…. if i want to retrofit a Bi Xenon HID kit, how would i use this switch to actuate the solenoid in hi if the hi and low are separate circuits?

    • You may want to refer to their website for specific wiring instructions. It looks like the high and low beam wires split when they go out to the factory machine connector and that is where you’d want to split and take the high to the high coming out of this switch. Same thing for the low, that would run to the low coming from this switch.

  • I have a 2005 KTM 525 exc. I would like to know how to properly connect the hi/Lo switch since the headlight runs off the stator not the battery, I prefer to keep it this way. Also is the hi/PO switch have 12 volt current from the battery?? Cannot mix AC/DC power.

  • Not only does Rocky Mountain sell excellent products at the best price, but these instructional videos put them over the top with customer service! A+

  • Thanks for the video. I just bought an XR 400 with what looks like the Tusk Dual Sport kit installed (also electric start). I am in the process of trying to figure out the setup but would love to know what you would recommend I do to setup a hi/low lighting. Thanks for your reply.

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