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DRN Tests The Rite-Mix
Rich Rohrich



When you think about the great inventions of the 20th century the Ratio Rite has to rank right up there. This simple device has become an indispensable tool for dirt bikers everywhere. The one downside is it's never around when you need it, and when it is around it's never clean.

Luckily for us the folks at Neilsen pumps have come up with a novel solution to the problem of measuring pre-mix oil with their Rite-Mix oil dispensing pump. http://www.nielsenpumps.com/index.html

The Neilsen Rite-Mix is a really simple elegant solution to an otherwise annoying problem. Compared to a Ratio Rite it proved to be more convenient and it should help save a few bucks by allowing you to easily use less expensive one gallon jugs of your favorite pre-mix oil.

The Rite-Mix pump kit consists of a pump and hose assembly, two screw top adapters designed to accommodate the most popular one gallon container neck sizes, a clip on adapter sleeve to allow adjustment of the pump stroke volume for 32:1, 40:1, and 50:1 ratios, and a small card with a chart on it that shows the number of pump strokes required for different ratios and fuel quantities.

Installation of the pump is quick and simple. Just pick the screw top adapter to match the neck of your one gallon jug of oil, snap the ratio adapter sleeve onto the pump shaft and you are ready to go.

A couple of quick pumps will prime the pump and fill the hose. The hose is made from a thick clear heavy duty plastic so you can easily tell when the systems is primed and ready to go. At the end of the hose is a cap that snaps shut sealing the end of the dispenser preventing leaks when the pump is not in use. There is also a spring clip at the end of the hose that will allow you to clip the end of the dispenser to the mouth of your fuel can further simplifying pump use. This is a product that clearly had a high priority placed on getting the small ease of use details right. It's great to see that in a motorcycle related product.

Once primed, full strokes of the pump meter exact volumes of oil every time. A quick glance at the included chart will tell you how many pump strokes are needed for the ratio and fuel amount you are working with. If you decide you want to change from 32:1 to 40:1 ratio you can just flip over the pump adapter sleeve and you are ready to mix at 40:1. Want to mix at 20:1? Just double the number of pump strokes you use at 40:1 and bingo, you have a 20:1 mix. All in all this is a pretty painless way to mix fuel.

So to wrap this up the Neilsen Rite-Mix oil dispensing pump is a well made product with excellent attention to detail that makes simple work of mixing fuel. It should prove really useful for those riders that mix a lot of fuel for their bikes or yard equipment. It's easy to recommend this product but of course I have one complaint.

The Rite-Mix comes with a nice little chart printer on a card to explain pump strokes to gallons. The problem is the chart is printed on business card type stock and it won't last long in the oil environment it is meant to be used in. I'd like to see the card laminated and punched with a hole so it could be zip-tied to the pump or a gas can. Other than that it's a really nice product that seems like a great value at only $19.95

After my initial test our Rite-Mix test unit was sent to a DRN member Bswift to find out how well the pump holds up over the course of a full season of use. Bswift will report on his long term evaluation so stay tuned.

The Rite-Mix is available for $19.95 + S&H direct from Neilsen online at: http://www.nielsenpumps.com/index.html

Nielsen Pumps
PO Box 14062
Tulsa, OK. 74159


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