2018 Snowshoe GNCC Bike Highlights

Title : 2018 Snowshoe GNCC Bike Highlights
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  • I stick with motocross pit stops for girls I used to race gncce a pro nah motocross stupid now wtf only motocross no pit stops no our stops never only moto

  • mud there not motocross racers they can’t jump big jumps they can beat b riders any day of the week but would get killed by a vet rider moto all day anything to say only motocross from now this why I stopped I like rock and motocross to lame kinda hating it now no pit stops there for girls man no pit stops motocross no stops only one winner one tank of gas one man one bike ,not mommy and daddy filling up my gas tank Everytime I stop lol 😁

    • cmv1810 I’m glad you said it lol, couldn’t figure out what the hell this dude was saying.
      I agree as well these guys aren’t just fast in the woods. They rip on a track as well. I believe we may see Russell do an outdoor national possibly for fun and he rode the last national on press day.

    • as a model these guys suck and I’m the best looking guy out there lol so yeah motocross guys no pit stops i will call out anyone to a race and win promise

    • Johnny Mike how do u figure these guys suck motocross doesn’t race for 3 hr they don’t go up hill down hill through tight woods rocks trees u claim to race gncc u said it wasn’t for u bc probably u couldn’t hack it these guy race on motocross track and u say u wanna race one lmao 😂 call them out good luck on that 👌🏻👌🏻

    • Johnny Mike ok come race me then. I’m a B rider in off road and mx, mr internet pro, and I’ll bet I would easily beat you, if you even race which I doubt anyways. Better yet race a gncc and watch how bad they wipe you on the ground. Best looking guy out there..maybe in your imagination.

  • no pit stops in motocross I hate gncc now fuck it so happy to race moto fuck it boring now can’t even ride in the woods or listen to country music no more I just can’t I need air omg it’s so boring now open your eyes motocross no stops mommy and daddy are not filling up my tank only me

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