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  1. valve timing by vernier

    i am just about to check valve timing on my 510 husqvarna with a vernier. when i set the standard timing the cam sprocket bolts do not line up as they should IE front bolt is low back bolt is high if i move by one tooth it is visa versa. i think this is a common problem. if it is out can i file...
  2. jeting issue

    jetting changes just got back from an enduro after doing the jet changes on the carb now it runs perfectly :) thanks for the info.
  3. jeting issue

    Thanks that's made things a lot clearer, :)
  4. jeting issue

    When you move the clip up it lowers the needle.
  5. jeting issue

    I have a 1993 360 husky with a delorto carb. It was running to rich with a 195 main jet and a 34 pilot i changed the main jet to a 185 and did not notice any difference now i have just moved the clip up 1 grove ( i know this will weaken the mixture) on the needle and is running perfect. my...
  6. I Need 1979 xr500 info! Pic.

    i raced one of these they where a good bike in there day a lot of low end torc, 21 front wheel was not very good, gear boxes where a little weak if you put performance parts on . but on the whole a very enjoyable bike to ride forgot to say the main thing to watch is how much wear there is...
  7. husky/ksi

    can any one help me i am trying to find some fork seals for my ksi/ husqvarna air cooled of 1987. it fas got a pair of showa works type forks.the seals are marked NCK BR2640F. The forks are 43mm dia :cool: