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    North Texas, Jan 2-5, 2014

    Hey Dan! I think you will love your 300. There may be better bikes for certain things but in my opinion you can't beat the versatility of a 300. I still can't believe we where able to dance around the cold and snow and get three good days of riding in. Hopefully next time we can be a little more...
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    North Texas, Jan 2-5, 2014

    This ride almost fell apart. For one reason or another people had to keep dropping out. This whole trip started out with a phone call from BigLou to tx246. Unfortunately Lou and BSWIFT had to cancel so moto was scratched from the schedule. I went to a team race on New Years days at Mary...
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    Hey Swifty !!!

    Brian, Don is wanting to do a break in ride this weekend at the 500. Give him a call. Craig and I will be at the Scipio enduro. By the way I finally met Craig Chapman a couple weeks ago. He lined up next to me at at the OHSCS in Kellyville. (He won) (I didn't:)
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    Hey Swifty !!!

    Belated Happy Birthday Brian.
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    new xcw 300

    I have my throttle cable safety wired at both ends right now but will be getting one of these soon. You can get them stock length or longer depending on how you route it. Another popular mod is the suzuki needles. (NECJ) It really cleans...
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    Toys for Tots ride at Draper on Sunday the 2nd

    I have to work this weekend but might be able to make it. I'll see how things go.
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    Wild fire

    I saw the smoke and saw a post from a friend who was at Chapmans so I had a feeling you were in the middle of it. Glad to hear you fought it off.
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    I know there were fires that way. Hope it missed you. Just checking in.
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    texas guys

    Jay, the world is turning orange. I would tell you it is because Texans are a bunch of weenies and will only ride bikes with hydraulic clutches and electric start but I have been spoiled by mine too. I did talk to Gene a while back and was going to go on a ride with him but ended up bailing on...
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    Do I buy a 2012 XC250 or 300 for fun and tight trails

    To me motor wise the difference between the the two brands is hard to tell. They are both great. Handling I would give the nod to the GasGas. I like the electric start and the brakes on the KTM better and it is a little easier to do maintenance on. Not that the brakes are bad on the GasGas as...
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    Do I buy a 2012 XC250 or 300 for fun and tight trails

    No, I own a 300. Didn't mean to confuse you. I am on my second one and my next bike will be another 300. Although my first was a GasGas. Half the fun of owning a KTM or GasGas is that you have choices that the Japanese manufacturers don't offer. Add the awesome stock brakes and hydraulic clutch...
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    Do I buy a 2012 XC250 or 300 for fun and tight trails

    Either bike will be easier to ride than your CR. Smoother while still fast. Generally speaking younger aggressive fast guys seem to prefer the 250's. I like to ride a gear high and absolutely love 300's and ride the A Senior class in the Blackjack Enduro Circuit. Evaluate your own riding style...
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    A little seat time

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    Talahina once again

    Uhm, just realized that is OSU vs OU. But if we don't do it then my next available is Dec. 17/18 or 2012.
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    I haven't heard of any injuries, just a little shaking.