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  1. New Piston Rings/Front sprocket = no power?

    Just rebuilt my top end in my 98 yz 250 put a 15t sprocket up front and bike doesn't seem to have much hit in the mid/high dept. The bike sounds extremely crisp and bottom end is pretty strong but when I get on it the bike sounds muffled not allowing any over rev at all, wondering if the power...
  2. 98 yz250 Crashed Then No Spark?

    Was wondering if anyone had any pointers on what to look for. I layed my bike down going over some doubles and then went to start it again and couldn't get it to spark. Checked the engine kill switch it appears to work. Did the spark test couldn't get a spark, so is there anything obvious I...
  3. Premix Ratio for my 250

    Sounds like I'll stick to 32:1. I guess if its working no need to change it all up. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Premix Ratio for my 250

    I just had a complete rebuild on my bike and I have been running Mobil 1 mx2t for my oil. Everything is running great but a buddy of mine said that if I would run it at 40:1 instead of 32:1 ,which I am currently doing, I would no get so much sooge and better throttle response. I am happy with...
  5. Rear shock no rebound?

    Thanks alot guys for all the info. It was a shot bearing in the linkage.
  6. Rear shock no rebound?

    My brother just replaced his front fork seals, we get everything back on the bike and notice that his seat is lower, so he gets on his bike and rear shock is bottomed out. If you pull up on the rear fender the bike will rebound, but as soon as you sit on the bike again it is bottomed out. What...
  7. Yamalube 2S or 2R?

    Thanks for the reply Spanky, that is probably one area that you don't want to skimp on. That was a waste of money. Anybody want some premix?
  8. Yamalube 2S or 2R?

    Was wondering what the difference is in these two premix oils. I bought Yamalube 2S and it was $16.00 a gallon a whole lot cheaper than most other premix oils available. My uncle told me that Yamalube was a good choice for my 98 YZ250. I didn't know which one to buy and didn't realize it was...
  9. Brothers bike overheated now it wont start?

    Thanks alot for the advice. I'll check it out:eek:
  10. Brothers bike overheated now it wont start?

    My brother has a 94 CR125. He has had it for about three months and lately it has been getting extremely hot. He fouled a plug and went to change it and the motor was so hot it melted part of his glove. We checked the coolant and could not see any from the top, so we added some, well we...