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    I smell smoke

    wasn't intentional but then again most of what Bubba does is not
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    C.B.S. - Coddling Bubba Stewart

    Dallas coverage - Spoiler Looks like a Bubba love fest so far. They are doing all they can to cover up this weeks screwup
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    Ummm, James, not a bright move..

    Well someone got pretty elaborate with this if it is a joke. Videos of the FSP explaining the circumstances and the Orlando newspaper covering it. $1000 bond doesn't seem unusual for a non violent charge especially a first time offender. Misspellings on booking sheets WILL NOT cause it...
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    Ummm, James, not a bright move..

    I am stealing that one also Chili
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    Ummm, James, not a bright move..

    My biggest question in this whole incident is Where is SMMWest to remind us we are all rac ists for believing the white press telling this story
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    Got my first dose of VD in over 6 years

    No this super variety can be caught by just sitting on a dirtbike in the right location
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    Got my first dose of VD in over 6 years

    Yeah it was running rampant at that Dirtweek as I got quite a dose of it even tho my wife was along that trip
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    Toronto spoiler

    Definately agree Bubba was going for the pass and allowed room but RV turned into him. Finally Dungey wakes up but doubt it will be an ongoing thing until they get outside. Still haven't watched the lites hopefully tomorrow
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    Look at this, just look at it!

    Hey Pesky glad to see you back on. Hope you were missed by that big shakeup last week
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    Sunday morning HDR

    As usual awesome shots and post prcessing 1st sequence I like #1 just think that the muted black and white gives it that lived in old time feeling 2nd sequence Torn between #2 and #3 Like Walt said the colors look like a painting but like the 1st sequence the BW just looks right for the...
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    ? due to high $ for gas.

    Gotta agree with Chili the #2 option is the one I as a customer would be more likely to not notice. #3 just adds wear and tear on the vehicle into the problem #1 just isn't one I want to see on a bill and it doesn't cover you on extra runs #4 you would be to exhausted to ride anymore
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    Atlanta - Spoiler

    Just finished watching the race and Reed made that same move in several corners (as early as lap 2) and did complete the corner. Dirty move or not it was there because Stewart made a rookie move and left the inside line wide open. Even after having CR square up in that and other corners trying...
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    Brake Levers?

    We used to run the AVS and my son did manage to break 2 or 3 over 6 or 7 seasons but they were always replaced at no charge. He is now sponsored by One industries and that includes Sunline. We switched over and I am very happy with their system and the quality of the build. No breakage on...
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    Pesky in NZ

    You doing OK after all the shaking down under?
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    very cool old school

    Another one that is fun just listening to the bikes <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>