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  1. 91 Honda cr250 forks

    Hi, I managed to get a workshop manual for the 250, but it covers so many years it make your eyes hurt trying to find info specific for the 91.
  2. 91 Honda cr250 forks

    Many thanks for the reply. So I don't touch the center bolt at all? Also, one tarmac, is it best to have harder or softer compression? what with not being able to adjust rebound, I'm a bit curious as to best set up for the hard black stuff.
  3. 91 Honda cr250 forks

    Hi, first post. I have a front end off a 1991 Honda cr250 and would like to know what adjustments or maintenance I can do to them? I know compression is adjusted at the bottom of the forks, does this adjust rebound as well? On the top of the forks in the center of the fork cap the is a flat...