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  1. GNCC heads a little further West...

    One of the biggest states in the union and all they could come up with is 400 acres?? What's up with that?? Don't they do 7 mile loops or something like that?
  2. Has anyone noticed?>

    I think it's Darcy Lange in arena cross, he sounds like a monotone nascar driver. "The kawasaki, pro circut, did, fox, renthal, scotts, bell,asterix, kx 250 ran strong tonight, blah blah blah. It hurts to listen to him.
  3. World GP Joke

    It's all about money!! While i don't know the financials I bet the Mfg'ers sell the most dirtbikes in america. So they spend the most of their promotional $$$ here. It's alot cheaper to have the ama be the defacto world championship that it is than hauling the whole show all over the world. How...
  4. What do you old guys do for training?

    I watched two hours of Supercross this past Sunday!! It was exhausting!! My personal philosohy is if you live close to where you ride the dirtbike then ride it. If not get a Road bicycle or an MTB or both. During the winter i put my road bike on a wind trainer and watch the news or some tube. I...
  5. diesel Jello

    Does anyone know what temp Exxon would winter mix it's diesel down to so it won't gel?? I got a machine that we plow w/and noticed that the fuel i was putting into it wouldn't pour right. Sure enough the damn stuff had gelled. the outside temp was about +10 F which isn't that cold. I took care...
  6. 1.6 gallon toilets

    If you have to buy one of these you need to get one that has a "jet port" at the bottom. the first one i had, had one and it works pretty good. It however used 3.5 gallons. I think some of the mfg'ers cork'em up just like the mc mfg'ers do the exhaust pipes to please the feds. Take it home and...
  7. &%$# SpeedChannel

    Speedway Rocks!! Some times it can get a little "slow" but things can change fast!! Plus if you know the characters it's more interesting. I saw a race last year that has to be one of the all time great motorsport races ever. Truly insane stuff when they are all charging!!
  8. Roll Chart Holders

    make sure you get the right size. Moose makes two. I have both. the first one was the dual sport model. Hmm thats all i do, I'll get that one. Turns out it was too skinny. the roll charts i got at the ride wouldn't fit in it. I got the pro or enduro model the second time.
  9. Suggestions on building a crate to ship a bike?

    last time i was at the kaw dealer they had a stack of crates they had broken down and looked like they were getting rid of them. you might call around and see if you can get a crate from a dealer.
  10. Parts washer owners!

    I got a mini cleaner from nothern hydralics. It came w/a nonflammable degreaser. It worked really good. you might do a search and come up w/some non flammmable stuff. I went w/non flam because it's in my basement. No need to burn the house down cleaning parts!
  11. Bad Truck! Bad!

    I've had a 98, 2k, and the current 2002 silverado. I didn't like the abs on the 2k, i always thought it was kind f'ed up. Maybe it was those junk stock tires. I agee w/you on those tires, junk junk junk!!!
  12. premix and/or race gas in your truck

    Being a thumper guy i don't have to worry about left over bike fuel. However we have been dumping premix from our landscape equipement into pick ups for years. We always do it w/ a full tank. Never had a problem. Are trucks aren't clunkers either. My p up has a 34 gal gas tank. What's a pint or...
  13. Wide Pegs

    Are wide pegs just an mx kind of thing?? I just ride trails, (c rider). I have small feet, size 8. i've wondered about wider pegs but i can't say i have noticed any problems w/my stock pegs. I'm always up for something that helps the bike fit or feel better. Is this one of those things you...
  14. Cycle News

    hmmm looks like a good stocking stuffer for myself!! Thanks for the replies!!
  15. Cycle News

    Anyone get this rag. I picked up an issue at the mc shop that was all dirtbikes. Looked like a yearly issue kind of thing. Is it all dirt bikes all the time or is it just all about bikes?? Do you think it's worth a subscription??