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  1. Pete Payne

    Rmz leaking oil out of head bolt

    Yeah, I think it is time to take it back apart.
  2. Pete Payne

    rear subframe bolts

    They are a 8mm with a thread pitch of 1.25mm
  3. Pete Payne

    Rmz leaking oil out of head bolt

    The surface is probably warped. Do you have a pic of it?
  4. Pete Payne

    Help Xr250 help

    Pull your air filter and see if it sucked dirt past the air filter. Do a compression test and check the valve clearance.
  5. Pete Payne

    1999 rm125 help

    I would re do the seals and make sure the mating surfaces are flat.
  6. Pete Payne

    Help Kx125 Oil Plug Bolt Size

    Or you coud remove it and match it up to a bolt at your local bike shop , auto parts or hardware store.
  7. Pete Payne

    Help Kx125 Oil Plug Bolt Size

    most of those bolts ar 12mmx1.25 thread pitch. But to be safe - order a new OEM one from the parts diagram.
  8. Pete Payne

    06 125sx

    I would do a compression test . 40-50 hours is a lot on a top end.
  9. Pete Payne


    You just need to pull the cob\ver and replace the kick start spindle part number 1LX-15660-03-00
  10. Pete Payne

    free 2 stroke calculators

    Very cool , Im going to check them out. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Pete Payne

    Help 97 kx 100 restoration

    HMMMM, I might have one . Let me look.
  12. Pete Payne

    Porting an '81 KDX175 for MX

    sounds interesting . But I have not done that . Put in a call to Eric Gorr.
  13. Pete Payne

    Froze chain adjusters , easy fix.

    Over the years I have fixed many frozen chain adjuster bolts that are froze in the swing arm and will not turn. I have drilled and milled them out. That is not the funnest thing to do and the customer doesn’t Ent to pay for the time to drill them out. So this is the easiest thing or way to fix...
  14. Pete Payne

    i need help with my drz125l it is a 2005

    I would check your valve clearance.
  15. Pete Payne

    91 Honda cr250 forks

    RedRider. The compression clicker is on the bottom of these forks.
  16. Pete Payne

    2007 YZ250F Won’t Start When Hot

    I would check your valve clearance.
  17. Pete Payne

    91 Honda cr250 forks

    Hello, The center bolt on the fork cap is to let built up air pressure out of the fork. This bike has no rebound adjuster on the forks. The adjuster on the bottom is for compression only.
  18. Pete Payne

    KTM 150 SX Head Inserts

    I have been working on some performance head inserts for the KTM 150 SX. I CNC Machined them from billet 6061. KTM left some good room for improvement. Two different configurations - they look the same but they are different. Testing will tell how they do.
  19. Pete Payne

    Crank Balancing, the right way

    Good stuff guys! I rebuild and true a lot of cranks - probably two a week. I just true them up good. I have only played with the math for balancing a crank (deep math there-makes my brain hurt) . I have measured and weighed stock cranks but never actually added or took off weight of the crank...
  20. Pete Payne

    Rear shock spring

    What year cr125? If it is a 2002 or newer CR125 I would up the fork springs to .47kg/mm and up the shock spring to 5.6kg/mm for a 215lb MX rider
  21. Pete Payne

    Sprocket and Chain Size

    Go with the 110 link.
  22. Pete Payne

    Fork Cap tools

    Thanks! I have some more stuff coming down the pipeline.
  23. Pete Payne

    Fork Cap tools

    The latest suspension oriented project off of the milling machine. The Showa fork caps use a 50mm 8 sided cap profile and the Sachs uses a 50mm 10 sided fork cap. Don't mar up your fork cap use the correct tool.
  24. Pete Payne

    Help SSS Fork oil Change 2018 YZ250 2T

    Yes it will mix at some point .