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  1. Old YamAHA Video

    God I love this web site. Thanks for the laughs. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL
  2. How can I get this bolt off?

    YIKES. You have better local mech. than we do. I wouldn't trust most to change a tire around here. Listen to ol'89r he' dead on
  3. Bad Reeds

    If the edges are starting to fray, change them. Most motors don't like a carbon-fiber diet. Sure to give it a bad case of scatter ass :whoa:
  4. 1 1/8 bars

    Yes. The bars taper off at the ends so all your stuff will fit.
  5. Do you get suspension work done?

    We used C-Cycle and Factory Connection mainly because they had support trucks that were at our local track. They could do your suspension while you waited. Also if they had time, help you dial it in after watching you ride :cool:
  6. Good luck at Loretta Lynn's

    Just have to give a shout out to 2 of our club members, Mike Miller and Jason Brooks from Milford Riders Club in Ct. Congratulations on making it to Loretta's and best of luck their. Kick some A :cool:
  7. road rage

    Does anyone know where I can get little stickers of a "smart- car". I want to put them on my door, one for everyone I croquette into the tulies thats doing 50mph on the interstate :yell: :laugh: How in the world did these things pass a crash test???? Oh that's right, they past the test for...
  8. RIP Billy Mays

    Looks like my mute button is going to get a long needed rest :|
  9. spark plug ??

    Suzuki's are shakers. Stick with the $30 plug. Some tend to break the porcelain. Have seen 3 motors go down at the races in past years from it.
  10. My boy's finally riding again

    Good job dad :cool: I've seen to many dads yelling at their kids to keep riding. Neither one seems very happy.
  11. cr80 Help PLEASE!!!!

    Ring gap correct? Ports chamfered?
  12. RM830 rebuild

    Well yeah... so. It's the only thing I can ride and not fall off of. Well most of the time. I have it apart because of a dropped valve seat.
  13. RM830 rebuild

    Does anyone know if you can ball hone aluminum bores? I'm getting different stories. The bore is in spec. but smooth where the piston runs and original crosshatch at the bottom. Thanks in advance for any help. Oh yeah RM830 stands for riding mower 8hp 30" cut :rotfl: Sorry...
  14. Chesley Sullenburger, you are the MAN!!

    Heard some reports that the a320 has a ditch switch. Something about making the plane more water tight in case of a wet landing. Come on who's going to need that :yikes:
  15. Chesley Sullenburger, you are the MAN!!

    Are you kidding me? He lands a commercial jet in the hudson river and everyone lives, OUTSTANDING! To quote some pro skateboard dude " he's like a giant pair of testicles with arms". I am often in awe when these guys ( any and all pilots) to get these beasts off and better yet down on the...
  16. Help Needed Quickly !!! Chains.....

    Sooo 250girl what was the outcome of your friends bike. If you don't mind me asking :whoa:
  17. Help Needed Quickly !!! Chains.....

    Any chance it broke at the master link? That's a quick fix if you have another one.
  18. swingarm

    If memory serves me right :whoa: theres a thread in here somewhere, where 2 of the more knowledgable characters in here had the same problem with disastrous results. Quite funny I might add. Relating to more of my own experiences than that of others :bang:
  19. Oil Drain Hole fixed!

    :cool: Time-serts rock. We've been using their spark plug inserts for about 20yrs
  20. mass?

    For an MX track theres Not sure about trails you could try they might be able to help. Good luck
  21. Hone or No Hone?

    It's common practice on four stroke automotive engines. Just enough to break the glaze. Ball hones and brush hones for different finishes. Opps you asked for the smarties sorry :bang:
  22. Ricky Carmichael racing ARCA today!!

    I heard that's the 4th team he's been with already. hmmm
  23. best place for yamaha parts online?
  24. mass riders