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  1. closest place to nyc to ride

    ive been riding for awhile now,but i mainly ride in jersey which is an 80 mile trek from queens,the place i ride isnt legal,but its next to my airforce reserve base and nobody bother you there.are there any places in longisland or right outisde of nyc to ride,legaly or illegally?of course ide...
  2. ktm 450sx street comfort/enduro conversion/title question

    i decided to keep my cr250,and just buy a ktm some time in the future,i got to good a deal on my bike to trade it for sumthin heavier and slower,but i will street a ktm soon
  3. ktm 450sx street comfort/enduro conversion/title question

    ktm 450sx street comfort i have a cr250,but i'mm tradin it for an 05 ktm 450sx,i was wondering if anyone knows this thing would handle on the street,by that i mean will i be able to take a 2mile hike down the road to another trail,the bike has 4 gears.any help is appreciated
  4. street legal 05 450sx?

    can a 05 450sx be made street legal,i have the lighting and all required parts,but do they have a title that says "for off road use only".i'm gonna get rid of my insanely fast cr250 to get a ktm 450sx,but i wanna register an plate it
  5. ktm 450sx street comfort/enduro conversion/title question

    does anyone have a pic of there ktm title i am about to purchase a ktm,i have head there titles are easy to register,my title for my honda sais for off road use only,i have heard that ktm's do not say this,so they are easier to get a plate for,any info on making them street legal is helpful,it...
  6. NJ Riding

    i have about 3 different spots to ride at where i am,im more of central jersey but its probably worth the drive