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  1. yz 125 1994 help with power

    i do compression test... 125psi only... but the top end have 20hr only (not in ring)
  2. yz 125 1994 help with power

    keihin PWK 38
  3. yz 125 1994 help with power

    1) it have governor! today i replace the spring but i dont run the bike yet. 3) yes bogging! 4) new top and but no nikasil.. its to expensive in Greece... i dont chech the compression with some tool.. i just guess. do you know that number i must see on the compression tool?
  4. yz 125 1994 help with power

    no no i mean no much power on low and mid. I try to jet the stock carb but nothing. i put the larger one and i have more power in relation to stock but not as much as it should . I suppose the governor has the problem and the compresion is to low
  5. yz 125 1994 help with power

    Hello.. i have a yz125 1994... i restore the engine. i put a larger carb 38mm PWK keihin but the moto cant ''kill''. i try some jetting settings but no power at the mid range. when I open the throttle quikly i hear the ''hard breathing'' in the middle and then goes away very quickly. also i see...