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  1. dkb

    02 yz 125 stall at full throttle

    derekk87 and anyone else interested. I went back to the garage to try to figure out he problem again. I took the bike out and it stalled a few times in higher gear full throttle roll on. Then I ran it in the lower gears and it revved to the top end just fine. Long story short it started to run...
  2. dkb

    02 yz 125 stall at full throttle

    . Thanks for the thoughts act3434' the bike dies at wot not at a given rpm. I thought the reeds would mostly effect the bottom end. The bike has few hours on it (embarrassing to say) and a few times I was able to ride at reduced throttle and it did straighten up and run at wot. But after cooling...
  3. dkb

    02 yz 125 stall at full throttle

    Thanks for the replies. It will rev when pinned in neutral. A slight miss at wfo. It also has popped and back fired a few times when I tried to clean it out or re- start after the mystery sign off at full throttle. I didn’t (don’t) have any way to check the float level. The little tab is pretty...
  4. dkb

    02 yz 125 stall at full throttle

    Hello everyone, I need a little help. I have a stock 02 yz 125 with a 410 main, 30 pilot, needle in the third, grove air screw 2.5 out. Clean air filter, emptied and cleaned gas tank. Fresh gas. 40:1 (yamalube) and new plug. The thing fires up first or second kick. Idles smooth. It runs great up...
  5. dkb

    Fender Stickers Available

    Now I just need a new fender to paste them on :o
  6. dkb

    GO Buckeyes

    14- 7 Fingers crossed, Go Bucks :yeehaw:
  7. dkb


    Happy new year Jeff!!!!!! I hope I didn't type this :p too loud
  8. dkb

    it's a happy new year here

    Good news Happy new year to all :thumb:
  9. dkb

    Decisions, Decisions..

    I think a person should get a set amount of free post when they first find this site. I found DRN via. Canadian Dave’s Just KDX site. :thumb: I don't own a kdx anymore, (but I still lurk in the kdx sub. form every now and then) And I do way more reading than posting. I spent a lot of coin...
  10. dkb

    2 year old seeks prayers!

    I will say a prayer for all tonight. :ugg: Up date I just read bellow the good news :thumb:
  11. dkb

    no more PWI

    Good luck Sarge! I have been on the wagon for about 4 months now. I wasn't too bad of a drinker. Actually I was getting pretty good at it. All I know is, it is nice not having a big head in the morning. I did fall off (jumped) last Fri. at the unofficial work Christmas party. I had to work the...
  12. dkb

    AirBox Mods?

    Hi KDXFreestyle. You can remove the lid all together. Or cut the snorkel opening out larger than it is.
  13. dkb

    New KTM

    Congrats! Have fun.
  14. dkb


    Good morning langston7 :). First you may want to edit your post. Check your spelling. You don't have to be perfect, but you can get closer :D Then you will get some good advice. You are on the right track on getting a manual for the project bike. I am not trying to be mean or flame you...
  15. dkb

    Looking at Gas Gasser's / Few questions

    I'm still Mulling around ( Ha a pun ) Going to DW 02. I'm sure the closer it gets the more I will want to go. I'm still slow on the YZ. I have gone through more plugs the first day, than the two years I've had my KDX :silly:
  16. dkb

    Looking at Gas Gasser's / Few questions

    Hey Mikeb, I have rode a friends 99 ec 250 It is fast, And has a rock hard seat. And the suspension is stiff. But, that is compaired to my kdx 225. Maintaince is not one of his strong points. But the gg keeps on going! I guess the main reason for my post is to come out of the closet... No not...
  17. dkb

    Reserve your bike number here

    I'll do 272 again. ;)
  18. dkb

    TwinSpar voted newest PitSally Member

    Did I miss something? :confused:
  19. dkb

    Article on the KDX series

    try looking here:)
  20. dkb

    DW 01 KDXer's

    Loretta Lynns..... Now you guys have gone and planted a seed in my helmet rest:cool:
  21. dkb

    DW 01 KDXer's

    Just wanted to see how everyone was doing:) C- Dave, Mike B Kelvinkdx SMB racing,Bill hibbs TimmR. Sorry about the spelling of the names . I hope you all made it through the winter ok. See you all later dkb.
  22. dkb

    Mr. C-Dave Read This

    Teton, I don't know about this year, but I think Jeff rode a RM last year doing some testing for Suzuki :(
  23. dkb

    KDX in Motocross

    I had Jeff.F put stiffer springs and re-valve my forks and shock. A rev pipe and 35mm carb. The bike is not the problem for me on a mx track its me:( I watched Jeff fly on the gp and mx track at dirtweek. I used to own a 89 kx 125 (last mxer I had) and this bike with the susp. mods for my...
  24. dkb

    Kentuckiana Chapter of DRN

    Now if we could find a home for us buckeyes