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  1. Dualsport question, opinions needed.

    Just to clear up a popular misconception, a steel fuel tank is not required to be DOT OEM street legal. The KTM LC4's have plastic tanks and are DOT legal. A Dodge minivan has a plastic tank and is DOT legal also. Toolman
  2. Boots for girls??

    My wife found the Sidi Miniforce to work best for her height [5'0"]. They are shorter than small men's sizes and don't interfere with knee guards. They also have longer straps available. toolman
  3. spark arrestor for GasGas pampera

    I took a late model YZ125 FMF spark arrester/silencer and had a welder cut and modify the pipe portion of the silencer to fit. The mounts bolted up to the existing frame brackets. I thought I heard that FMF was offering one for the Pamp's now. Toolman
  4. 03' KTM 250EXC Racing 4 stroke

    The '03 has different porting and valves in the head and maybe a camshaft change. I believe there may be a carb change also. Either year is a good bike when jetted correctly. Toolman
  5. Damn I suck.

    Firecracker, Practice with someone faster than you and strive to ride smoothly especially in the corners. Races are won or lost in the corners since most riders are about the same speed on the straights. Learn to ride smooth and the speed will come to you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your...
  6. GasGas Pampera?

    My wife's Pampera gets 70 to 90 miles per tank under Dual Sport type riding conditions. It cruises the dirt roads and jeep trails in 6th at 30 to 45 mph and gets good fuel milage. We carry a small bottle of Golden Specto 2 cycle and a 35mm film canister. A gallon of fuel and a canister of oil is...
  7. Renfro Valley D/S ride

    You don't need to pre enter this one, there is no cutoff. It starts at the KOA campground in Renfro Valley KY and is really one of the tougher D/S rides. It is not a beginner/ first time dual sport ride but is well worth the drive. My wife and I have ridden it for the last 3 years and it is one...
  8. GasGas pampera

    If you want to take my 5'0" wife's Pampera away from her there better be more than one of you and you better be armed! I know she loves me best but the Pampera runs a close second followed by her BMW F650GS and her Subaru Outback! At least I think that's the right order! Seriously, it will...
  9. Boots for the ladies foot and size cross match??

    You didn't say how tall she is and that makes a difference as to which boot she should look at. My wife is 5'0" tall and found the men's sizes that fit her foot to be too tall on her leg. She found the Sidi Mini Cross to be the best boot that fit around her "atheletic" calves but weren't too...
  10. Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

    Lew, good matchup with the trailer and truck! You should enjoy many miles of pleasurable towing with this combination. I just didn't want you to put a 15k trailer behind a 3/4 or 1 ton and expect it to be a safe and fun combo to drive. It will physically do it but it's a handful that is no fun...
  11. Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

    Lew, what are you going to pull it with? This will be a determining factor as to what you should look at. I'm on my 2nd toyhauler and 3rd tow vehicle. They have to be a good match to be safe and relaxing to drive. Toolman
  12. How big can you go?

    Pick the trailer you want and figure the weight conservatively. Then get your truck with a 20% safety margin to pull the trailer. For example: the trailer loaded weighs 4000 lbs. Get a truck with at least a 5000lb GVW. This way the truck will last longer and drive more safely. Plus it will be...
  13. can sx be cancelled due to rain?

    The Georgia Dome is enclosed and the pits are also indoor so rain is no problem. Toolman
  14. Hitch-mounted hauler for 2 bikes?

    Get one of the trailers that fold in half and stand up on edge for storage. That way it takes up no more storage space than a 2 bike rack. Toolman
  15. Honda CRF 150?

    CO Dan get her a GasGas Pampera. Lower, lighter a stall proof motor with full size wheels and suspension. She'll thank you every time you ride together just like my wife does. It'll climb anything around in second gear smoothly and under control. Besides you'll only need one gas can this way...
  16. Big decisions

    Get a job at Cyclenews. Best of both worlds, Traveling, writing, photography and motorcycles!I did it back in the '70's and enjoyed the job and experience. Do it while you are young and unattached. Toolman :thumb:
  17. trailer question

    Get a V nose trailer, that'll help lessen the wind drag. Toolman
  18. Pampera

    My wife will have had her Pampera a year on Sept 15. She loves it more every time she rides it and gets faster and better everytime we ride. She has a lot of troublefree miles on it since we do a lot of DualSport rides as well as playride a lot. The bike starts easy, doesn't stall hardly ever...
  19. generator for Toy Hauler?

    NVR Finish is right about the Honda EU2000's. They are a good alternative to the built in models and you can use only one if that's all you need for the load. For example watching TV and reading on a cool night when there's no need to run the AC. Dang if I don't shut up I'll talk myself into...
  20. generator for Toy Hauler?

    I did what you are thinking about. Bought a Honda 5000 contractor style portable generator and stuck it in the truck bed. Noisey! Noisey! Noisey!!! People actually cheered when I shut it off! Small tank limited run time and I had to crank it because the wife couldn't pull the rope hard enough...
  21. Land Closure

    Done #2222! Toolman
  22. Absolutely the BEST Tire Change Article

    Take some pictures, write it up and send it in. That's how the SETRA articles get coverage. Same goes for Cycle News. Toolman Ex Cycle News Asst Editor!
  23. Jet-ski Trailer Conversion

    Works great. I've been doing this since 1998. I use a double PWC trailer and moved the 2X4's close together to act as wheel rails. I bolted some heavy eyebolts up front to hook the tiedowns to. Moved the bow stop down to act as a wheel stop and run the ratchet strap around the wheel to cinch it...
  24. What Toy Hauler should I get?

    Trust me you don't want to beleive the 25% b/s. The DOT is going to go by the gvw rating and anything over that is illegal. A trailer / truck combo that is overloaded or near maximum is a stressful pain in the butt to drive. You will need at least a 250 series truck and would be better with a...
  25. Trailer Hitch Receiver (on front)

    Go find a good welding/fabrication shop and explain what you want to do. They'll be able to fix you up quicker than trying to find a commercial made one. toolman