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  1. KDX don't swim

    Had a similar problem last year. There was a familiar water crossing that is normally 2 feet deep and we didn't notice the truck tire tracks leading into the water. Apparently a 4x4 got stuck and dug a hole in the middle of the crossing trying to get out. I hit the hole and when the bike...
  2. 2003 KDX200 Top end power woes

    That torque pipe is limiting your top end, try a rev pipe you will see a huge difference. Yes, you will loose bottom end but life is full of trade-offs. If you decide to stay with the torque pipe you could retard the timing a few deg to see if that helps. Jetting can also affect how the...
  3. Chains too long

    changing from a 13t to a 12t doesn't require a shorter chain. The stock chain on my KDX (non o-ring) streched after only a few rides. If your adjusters are maxed out then you probably need a new chain. Get an o-ring chain, it will last alot longer.
  4. floppy kickstand

    I always strap the bike with kickstand up. I beleive the problem is due to the mounting location of the kickstand. When riding, the swingarm is moving violently up and down which causes the kickstand to also move slightly up and down due to inertia. This constant motion wears the parts and...
  5. floppy kickstand

    The stock kickstand is too sloppy and fixing it with washers or a big hammer only works for a short time. I also hate the fact that it mounts to the swingarm where it gets abused, I would much prefer the kickstand to be attached to the frame. After fixing my kickstand for the 10th time I...
  6. Show pic of your KDX

  7. FRP upper triple and handle bar clamp

    I use the one piece upper bar clamp and it is a huge improvement over the two piece. My bars haven't moved since I installed it. FYI, the link you posted shows a picture of the upper bar clamp and part of the triple clamp but the triple clamp is shown only for effect. For $29.95 you get...
  8. Turbine Core II - Broken

    Mine also broke at the weld but luckly I have a welder.
  9. Best price on V force 3

    Just ordered one from, paid $129.95 and shipping was free. No free t-shirt though.
  10. Winter Make Over

    lol, just realized I posted in the women's forum. No offense ladies.
  11. Winter Make Over

    I had Factory connection rebuild/revalve my forks and shock, they also installed stiffer springs. I sent my hubs to FRP to have a set of Excel rims installed. I will also be replacing the wheel bearings and installing a new set of S12's I tore the top end apart to replace the...
  12. Jetting Confirmation

    If your air screw has no effect it could be that your pilot is way too big or too small and since you are running a 48 I would say it's too big. Try a 45 or more likely a 42 pilot and see if your a/f screw starts responding.
  13. Hop up and jetting ?

    stock for a 200 is 48 pilot, 160 main. Check Cdaves site for all this info spelled out nicely.
  14. Tire choice

    Too much wheelspin?? Try a FWW lol.
  15. Tire choice

    The S12 is a great mud tire and lasts pretty long too. I think it has to do with the "cupped" knobs, you'll see what I mean when you get yours. Just remember, dunlop 110/100 = Michelin 130/80 The dunlop D755 is a great mud tire for the front if you can find one.
  16. EG 225 on my 2000

    Picture this: ( I said picture this don't try it lol) You remove the spark plug and drop a copper bb (ya know from a bb gun) down the hole, replace the plug and start the engine. This is kinda what pinging sounds like. Your needle seems lean, hows it run at mid throttle. Does it wheelie...
  17. EG 225 on my 2000

    cel-4 = 4 down from top (richer) I also wanted to run pump but had a pinging problem. I checked for air leaks and played with jetting but the problem was fuel octane. I now mix 50/50 pump/race and run with a slight timing retard. When I checked my cylinder pressure it measured 210psi...
  18. New chain length... 12-47

    As Moridin said the stock chain length (108) will work with 12/47 or 13/47. If you are happy with 12/47 and are buying new chain/sprockets then I would suggest 13/50 with a 110 link o-ring chain. The 13/50 is very close to 12/47 but the 13 lasts longer IMO. The o-ring chain will take alot...
  19. EG 225 on my 2000

    My jetting didn't change that much after the mod. I'm running 152/42 cel-4. I do have to run high octane though so listen for the pings at WOT.
  20. 13 / 50 combo what chain length is needed

    An o-ring chain is slightly wider than the stock non-oring chain which makes a tight fit through the stock chain guide. You can either buy a new chain guide through someone like FRP or modify the stock guide with some spacers.
  21. Steahly help

    Thanks, I would have guessed wrong.
  22. 13 / 50 combo what chain length is needed

    110 links should do it.
  23. Steahly help

    Anyone have a Steahly FWW on their late model KDX? I need to remove mine and can't remember if it's reversed threads or standard. Sure would be nice to know before I hit it with the impact wrench! Thanks
  24. Anybody make a tall foam replacement seat?

    I use tall seat foam made by CEET but I can't remember where I bought it. It doesn't come wrapped with a cover but the stock cover will fit..