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  1. Pushing myself to do bigger jumps

    jtiger, I think Nikki meant if you are on a new track pretty much, if you are racing how the hell do you propose to whatch the others in your class jump it without getting jumped on or losing for sure? Brandon
  2. Stall in the air!

    What you do is squeeze the clutch and gas and when your back wheel hits let out of the clutch and youll keep goin.
  3. Jumping

    You really dont have enough time to think about it. I just usually am on the throttle so i dont UNDERjump or case it or people will run you over or you will be hurt like hell(if you case).. Its better to over jump than under plus after riding the track you know about how much by instinct...
  4. Events?

    Cool, Im not much of a trail rider and i have joined EDB already . I ride at Turkey Bay a lot because of all the jumps out there, and i went to Linton KY once. Thanks for the info, Brandon ------------------ '98 Suzuki RM 125
  5. Events?

    You guys ever ha4ve any events in middle TN or southwestern KY?