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  1. gospeedracer

    Welcome Chili to the Club...

    That's not true. ;) Happy Birthday Chili! :)
  2. gospeedracer

    Happy Birthday 89'r!

    Happy Birthday Terry! :)
  3. gospeedracer

    Happy Birthday Kiwibird!

    Happy birthday, Kiwi! :cool:
  4. gospeedracer

    I'm Hooooooome!!!!!

    We just unloaded my car today. NO freeway is safe now. :) And what is up with the 90 degree temps! :( Oh well, at least I don't need an oxygen tank to breath! ;)
  5. gospeedracer

    GoSpeedRacer and MrLuckey SoCal Arrival Schedule!

    Correction: 6x14 trailer, 2,990lbs. Any Natty, yes, yes it is always a bad thing! :p
  6. gospeedracer

    I'm Hooooooome!!!!!

    * kisses ground, hugs a palm tree, and sips on her Starbucks mochajavapeppermintlate :) AHHHHHHH! I've returned to my homeland. All is right with the universe once again. :) 2,100 miles, 4 days and many frustrations later, we just arrived back in Socal a few hours ago. Tons to do...
  7. gospeedracer

    GoSpeedRacer and MrLuckey SoCal Arrival Schedule!

    HELP!!! Well we're here. Arrived about an hour ago and have already run into a snaffu. Eddie's 6x12 enclosed trailer will NOT fit into the driveway like I had thought. The driveway is too steep. No way to get it up the driveway to the back and there is no overnight street parking in Pasadena...
  8. gospeedracer

    An easy way through L.A.???

    The wild animal park is WAY better than the zoo, I wouldn't say they are similar at all. Sounds like a fun trip. My Mom took us on that same trip when we were kids. :) easy way through LA, that's funny. :laugh:
  9. gospeedracer

    Kenedy Meadows July-4th

    Well, I don't know, I thought I would go but Eddie informed me that if I don't have a bike I can't go on ride trips anymore........... :fft:
  10. gospeedracer

    GoSpeedRacer and MrLuckey SoCal Arrival Schedule!

    I'M TAKIN MY DAMN PLANTS WITH ME!!! and no one is gonna stop me, not even da coppahs. If I have to I'll send Eddie out into the desert with my plants and I'll pick him up on the other side ;)
  11. gospeedracer

    Memorial Day weekend -Big Bear?

    I concur! LOL :rotfl:
  12. gospeedracer

    GoSpeedRacer and MrLuckey SoCal Arrival Schedule!

    Wha??? hittin the bottle again Brian? You know you will always be welcome at our house, where ever we end up. We won't actually be buying in that area for a while though. Ya, and bring one for me too while you're at it. :) I don't think they will let me take a horse out on the dirtbike...
  13. gospeedracer

    Brucey heads to the MidWest.

    Ignore them, I understood you perfectly fine. They know not of which they speak, you just keep on doing it the right way. :) Bruce, you're lucky your wife is not a socal native girl (assuming shes not) otherwise you would most likey find yourself doing this all over again when you inevitably...
  14. gospeedracer

    The Rooster Has Landed

    ROOOOOOOOOOOOSTER!! We miss you!! Sweet Loft, does it have a jacuzzi? :)
  15. gospeedracer

    GoSpeedRacer and MrLuckey SoCal Arrival Schedule!

  16. gospeedracer

    Hey Carlo, Buon Compleanno, Paisan!

    Happy Belated Birthday Carlo!! Glad to hear you had an enjoyable one. :cool:
  17. gospeedracer

    Happy Birthday gospeedracer.

    Thank you all, well, most of you, for the Birthday wishes. I was in beautiful, sunny socal over my birthday and just saw this thread. :)
  18. gospeedracer

    HBD, Smitty!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMITTY!! Are you old enough to legally drink now? ;)
  19. gospeedracer

    Ok Elkster, was this you

  20. gospeedracer

    Great Satellite Maps

    That is Cool! I zoomed in on your house, put some pants on when you're mowing the lawn for cripes sakes!! :p
  21. gospeedracer

    Ok Elkster, was this you

    Gimme an E! Gimme an L! Gimme a K!! What's that spell?! Ummm, I don't know, I'm wasted. :p
  22. gospeedracer

    Interstate 80 .... any one live near?

    ahhh, now I know what you're talking about. THANK YOU! :)
  23. gospeedracer

    Interstate 80 .... any one live near?

    What is this "Interstate" you speak of? ;) Is it anywhere near The 5? :)
  24. gospeedracer

    Okay Pred, I watched it..

    DITTO DITTO DITTO! Except it was 1 hour and 27 minutes of my life I will never get back! Note to self: Pred and Lou are no Siskel and Ebert! You're right, and they were the opening credits (that was cool) and the END because the misery was finally over!! watch after the credits? are you...
  25. gospeedracer

    PM me about 89r's B-day gift STAY OUT Terry

    Another April baby! :) Cool gift, that was very sweet of you Carlo. :cool: I thought about getting a personalized plate when I get home too but decided I don't need to make it any easier to be spotted on socal's freeways. I like to be incognito when I'm qualifiying. ;)