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  1. YZ250F

    Jer- Does that mean that the solution to the harshness of my '00 YZ 125 is to firm up the mid-valve? Then you could increase intitial plushness? Or am I completely wrong? Ham
  2. SpodeFest Video

    I think that it would be a good idea to take video footage from the activities of the week and then put them together as a DRN video that people could order. I know that you could have someone come and do it for you kinda like they do at a wedding, but that is probably pretty expensive. I...
  3. getting in shape?!?!?!?!

    There is a good series on how to get in shape for MX on Stephan Ronconda's web site click on the MX Trainer button.
  4. YZ250F

    People say that the difference between new and broken in is night and day, so give it a few more rides. Ham
  5. Keeping your feet up...

    Out here in Utah, most of our dirt is harder than cement and it has a layer of gravel on top of it. My mom was slowy going around a corner and the bike slid out. She didn't get her leg out of the way in time and she broke it very bad. She just got the rod out of her leg that has been there for...