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  1. where the heck is everybody????

    Admittedly I haven’t ridden in months. Been way too busy, way too hot, way too high gas prices. Unless I ride track….which doesn’t happen. Can’t afford to crash-n-burn and I’m like a horse on skates when it comes to tracks. Oh and this little thing about having our first child due in December...
  2. 21

    How do to u 2. Not to jack Brian's thread but Great to Be Back! Been riding me arse off. Well you wouldn't know if you saw me arse but still. :) So who's premix do I have to mess with to get a drink around here??
  3. 21

    Oh muh God I remember him at 14 or 15 playing with dry-ice and staring at orbital objects in the dark Muenster sky. Forgive me while I go crawl back into my hole. Pffft, the youth these days. Happy Belated Brian!
  4. Cross Bar Ranch

    Ugh, I'm sorry I didn't read the post-date. I was there on the 28th. Unfortunately I have to work this weekend. :( Was a nice change of scenery though.
  5. Moving to Dallas, Need New Riding Buddies

    What do you do for the fuel issue at Kiamichi? Can you run upto Muse and back on a stock 2 stroke tank?
  6. Cross Bar Ranch

    Hey MS we were there too on Saturday. Parked at the parking area with three trucks: bed Silverado, blue GMC and my grey Silverado. Hope that wasn't you that got their truck keyed. We came back from the North loop to find the police on property because arsewipe keyed a guys truck. Really weird...
  7. beginner riding.........

    Personally, Muenster is NOT the place to be for a beginner. Sure everyone says you can just ride the top soil and around the beach but about as sure as a pimple that hurts they end up going into the woods and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly you find yourself in the way of 35 mile an hour...
  8. Riding in the rain!

    Sorry guys. Didn't see this until I got back home. Myself and a friend went and, although it was just the two of us we had a great ride. Because we didn't have our normal slacker we were able to ride a good pace. Ran the LMS course, atleast of what wasn't closed, ie. Bills Woods/Pete's Gate...
  9. Riding in the rain!

    Going to Muenster Sat. 9:30ish with a friend. My Gray Silverado (RRMT sticker on back window) w/YZ, his Red Silverado w/CR. We'll be at the front just to the right of the sign-in if anyone wants to meet.
  10. 2004 YZ450 Cam Seize

    Thanks Rich. I did some research online and found some info that Mike suggests the torque specs in the book are too much and reducing 5lbs will help prevent this. I still haven't actually seen the damage yet so I can't speculate if it'll need to be boxed up and sent to Mike. All in all though...
  11. 2004 YZ450 Cam Seize

    I'm not a thumper rider but I received a call from someone who is. It apears, after break-down, the intake cam cap and cylinder head seat for the intake cam show oil starvation. Bike was recently handed over to a shop to have the valves checked and carb issue. Two days after getting it...
  12. YZ450 oiling problems?

    Jon K what did you find that caused this? I just had a buddies 04' YZ450 do exactly this after having the valves checked by a untrust worthly bike shop.
  13. Hey Stan Flemmings...

    I remember that young, innocent wide-eyed Stan Flemming. The look in his eyes when we showed him the miracles of dry-ice. The look and excitement this little one had was worth the smoke it created. Then...when we showed him that, with the naked eye you could track satellites in space I thought...
  14. Stewart faster???

    I don't think anyone can argue that JS wasn't riding hurt for last 3/4 of the season. And sense he was no longer in the points race, I "firmly" believe that Kawasaki sit the kid down and had him focus on the bigger picture. We'll never know now with RC retiring...oh excuse me...."semi" retiring...
  15. Need help identifying bike trails near stemmons freeway

    There was a TCCRA race this weekend there on Trinity River.
  16. Obligatory "Muenster This Weekend" Thread

    Went Sunday. Looked around and couln't find anyone. :( Myself and three others had fun tearing up the trails with my new helmet cam. :)
  17. Heat Exhaustion+Energy Drink=Death

    The following was posted by a riding bud of mine over at the Texas Sportbike Association. Please, please, please hydrate! :::::::::: Guys I had some very sad news told to me yesterday. A good friend of my wife's lost her husband a couple of weeks ago at Muenster because of heat exhaustion...
  18. WOW, just watched Washougal

    Yes the race was definitely the best of the season in my book. I only wished that JS was riding 100% in his form. Remember he's had a couple off and was just getting back in the saddle. Man I wish RC would can the semi-schedule for just-one-more-season. I must have replayed the crash over-n-over...
  19. ISDE team selections

    Go Get It COLE!
  20. length of supercross triple

    I would LOVE to see that 115 footer they used in the X-Games incorporated atleast once in SX. Pastrana would race it just so he could back-flip it!
  21. Chad Reed joins L&M Racing in 2007

    I'm a little slow. Does this mean he's not Yamaha's child anymore?
  22. 2006 YZ250F...Recall

    I couldn't find the forum I originally posted this is, seems it's buried somewhere so I'm pasting it here. Original post follows: Did a search and didn't see it mentioned. Just got my latest issue of MXA and they mentioned that Yamaha is....well....they aren't exactly calling it a...
  23. Wife type Dallas activities recommendations

    First go to Bones Daddy's in Richardson and request a table under the stairs. Then go to Sneaky Pete's on Lake Lewisville for shots night. Oh wanted to stay married?
  24. What was king in the 80's?

    I have a counter claim. That was for the 125 class. For the 250cc glass, Australia DIRT BIKE circa 1982 wrote: As for the rest of the bike, it needs a lot of help to see it through a 45 minute moto or a season of play racing. First, you must Loctite EVERYTHING. Every single thing, If you don't...
  25. 2007 Yamaha YZ/YZF's?