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  1. singletracker500

    Hey Neph... Doc... Help a guy out?

    I'm not a doctor, and I only watch the History channel and Stargate SG-1. But I can tell you what my wife would say (nurse for over 25 years)..."Go see your doctor and have it looked at."
  2. singletracker500

    Howdy neighbors! the Jawbone ride posted somewhere? Tree...Kennedy meadows still intrigues me. Maybe someday. You're always welcome out here. We've been riding some..well, interesting trails lately. Those that ride the 525's out here like them a lot on this stuff.
  3. singletracker500

    Howdy neighbors!

    Steve, you do know that the back flip is the most dangerous trick in Garage Freestyle! ;) too! :) Bought the CR265, then sold my other AF at about noon one day, and had another AF in the garage by 3:00 that afternoon! :thumb:
  4. singletracker500

    Howdy neighbors!

    Thanks Tim and Steve. It has been a awhile. I've been good, but pretty busy. Between work, the wife, and two bikes that are always crying to be ridden..(the bikes that is :ugg: ) plus a bunch of web stuff I'm doing, I haven't had much time to surf. And that's not even to mention all those young...
  5. singletracker500

    Howdy neighbors!

    So how's everyone doing!
  6. singletracker500

    Pirelli Tires?

    I have the MT 450 on the back of my CR265 right now. Don't like it. It skates too much. But I'm riding hard pack desert with pea sized gravel and tons of dust on most of it, with lose rocky climbs inbetween. I've heard it does pretty good on an mx track. If he's got any MT 44 fronts down...
  7. singletracker500

    4 strokes

    Hey...I'm not admittin nothin! ;)
  8. singletracker500

    4 strokes

    Got to agree with ya KX Rider...Never found a hill (or mountain) that either one of my two smokes can't go up, but a thumper could! LOL.. Unless of course, the guy is just a better rider than me! :worship:
  9. singletracker500

    X-DB offline

    Thank you, I appreciate it, but I have my tea kettle problems fixed. Plus, I doubt there's anything there that would cause it to over heat. I'm still trying to be there. I was real bummed last year when I had to turn back home from OK. City.. :ugg:
  10. singletracker500

    X-DB offline

    I talked/e-mailed with Jim a couple of days ago. he's good, but had some business problems after 9/11. Hasn't rode since. Howard is on the east coast with his new woman, don't hear too much from him anymore. It's not looking good for Dirtweek Okie. :ugg: I had to spend a ton of money on my...
  11. singletracker500

    This weekend is beautiful in TX

    I don't worry to much about the work and chores these days. I know they'll still be there waiting for me after the ride! :)
  12. singletracker500

    I'm old...

    Smart son you're got Chief! :)
  13. singletracker500

    I'm old...

    How can you listen to that stuff?? It's a bunch of noise and every song sounds the same! :moon: :)
  14. singletracker500

    mouse goes 100,000!!

    I don't think I really want to wife might find out! :scream:
  15. singletracker500

    If I had my way ....

    Why would you want to work that much?? :scream:
  16. singletracker500

    The sad death of common sense...

    Oops, somehow I missed this thread and posted the samething in the Flame forum! :silly: It's hell getting old!! :ugg:
  17. singletracker500

    The sad death of common sense...

    Obituary- Born- Somewhere around the start of Time Died- Today in our bureaucratic society!!!!!! Today we mourn the passing of an old friend, by the name of Common Sense. Common Sense lived a long life but died in...
  18. singletracker500

    Connectivity Issues

    Just turn the volume down! :) :moon: :)
  19. singletracker500

    Downloading music

    I use WinMX. Lots of options for downloading, and they don't put any spyware on your computer like Kazaa.
  20. singletracker500

    Fires in AZ

    muscle, I'm glad to hear you and many others were finally able to get back to your homes. Things are looking up some. They say it's 30% contained right now. That just leaves, what, about 100 miles of fire line left. The said today they had crews doing what they call 'cold trailing' walking...
  21. singletracker500

    Letter to Sierra Club

    spiderbaby, I agree with what you said, to a degree. But being here, and seeing what this fire is doing to this beautiful state, all who live here, and knowing why this thing has gotten out of control, I have very little tolerance at this time for those who speak up when they know absolutely...
  22. singletracker500

    Letter to Sierra Club

    Keep in mind, the Senator from Arizona, Jon Kyl has been on all the news station stating these truths! :cool: What do I say about it... I am truely saddened for all the people who have been uprooted by this fire, and for the loss of wild life. Not to mention the many years it will take...
  23. singletracker500

    A 4 Alarm Flame!

    New York Times!! :| They should stick to what they do best....making salsa! :)
  24. singletracker500

    Getting along with the opposite sex

    So you're still new at this marrage thing huh Okie! 22 years here, and the one thing I've learned is... "stupid" can go a long way to stay married! :cool: I have to say though, I'm a little worried about TTRGuy! :scream: