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  1. PPV...Vegas Bay-bee!!!!

    Anyone know when the replay PPV will be shown?
  2. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    Rusty, There were over a dozen little guys racing this weekend. There weren't any tricky sections that would give smaller riders problems. ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  3. Jeremy McGrath said... (not a spoiler for TX SX)

    Posting my retraction does not mean I just became a Jeremy McGrath fan. It means I took the quote out of context, before I had an opportunity to view the entire segment of his statement. I'm fairly neutral on MC. Don't care if he wins or loses. I certainly don't get emotional when I think...
  4. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    Thanks fellas :) You guys would love the track. It is a great place to ride/race. Maybe we could arrange a little get-together at the next event there (may 12 I think). The place isn't far from the GA/SC border, and just a few miles off of I-85. ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500...
  5. CR450 wins both motos at Glen Helen ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  6. How Often do You Fall?

    Among some of my riding buddies I've gained a reputation for never going down. I hate to crash. But... It happens from time to time. I had one fall this weekend, nothing serious thank goodness. Before that the last time I went down was a couple months ago at Bremen (twice in the first...
  7. Jeremy McGrath said... (not a spoiler for TX SX)

    I stand corrected, and offer my apologies for sounding like I was attacking MC. Here's the entire segment of his reply (from motoworld): That put in perspective, I do not think he was complaining or feeling sorry for himself, quite the opposite. He said that while he will most likely be...
  8. Off-cambers

    Ok, I had a solid hour of racing on a track with many off-camber corners. The dirt was grass, then loose/powdery topsoil. Elbow's up, weight on outside peg -- anything else I should or shouldn't be doing? ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  9. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    Everyone was hoping we'd see a different water truck come in during intermission, but no dice. After the 30 minute break, the racing started up again. I pulled up to the line for my third moto of the day. We were behind the peewees, so they had to make sure all of them were completely off the...
  10. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    George and Wade were ran the +30 class, which was probably the largest class of the day. They gated well, sliding somewhere up in the middle of the pack. For the first couple laps George was on the gas hard. I'm not sure how...
  11. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    By the end of the first lap I had a couple guys in sight. I knew I couldn't make a lot of time in the back section of the track (fairly tight and whooped out, plus a few off-cambers) so I held on and waited till we came out of the low section to the front side of the track. There would be...
  12. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    There were probably 50 or so 250/Open bikes in attendance - the 40-man gate was full, plus there were several waiting behind us. After 30 minutes of waiting patiently Waylon comes over and starts signaling riders to go. As expected, most of the guys threw caution to the wind and headed out WFO...
  13. Big Gun MX - race report - 4/21

    After a late night of school and final bike prepping, I hit the sack at 12:30am. I woke at 4.5 hours later, loaded the bike, and hit the highway. The owner of the track (Waylon) had signup at 6:30-7:30am, thus the early start. I arrived at the track without any trouble. Waylon had taken the...
  14. Jeremy McGrath said... (not a spoiler for TX SX)

    Can you say, pity party? Not the words of a true champion... Did Hannah feel sorry for himself when he started finishing further back in the pack? No way, he went out and raced several more seasons and continued giving it his best. Same with several other former champs. Not MC, if that...
  15. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    What was I thinking running two classes? I'm so freaking tired... Made it back home ok, no injuries to me or the bike. George's crew showed up and ran the +30 class - they were haulin! Ride report to follow (and photos hopefully :)). ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /...
  16. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    Rats... Oh well, I'll post a ride report afterwords. :) ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  17. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    Two days away, who's going to be there? ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  18. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa It's going to be an early morning :) ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  19. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    The weather is going to be nice. Highs in the low 80's, no rain. I'll be running two classes, 250c and either Unlimited Am or +30. Wrench, you're quiet... gettin' skeered? :p ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  20. Hatfield-McCoy - May 3,4,5

    zag, got your vm last night... I'm probably going to race the grass-track MX this weekend in toccoa, so I may not join you at Houston. If you decide on pulling a trailer to hatfield would you also have room in the truck for a rider? :) ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /...
  21. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    Cool, I hope he can make it. How many classes are you running (if you go)? ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  22. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    Spoker, I was thinking the same thing... I have school late Friday so camping out isn't an option. Probably will have everything packed up and will drive to Athens and crash at my folks place, then get up early and head to the track. ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  23. Georgia MX 4/21 - new mx track near Toccoa

    Wrench, think you can talk your boss into letting you off for a race next Saturday? You've probably heard of the new track in Toccoa - Big Gun MX ( ). The first race at the track is next Saturday. All natural, no man...
  24. Hatfield-McCoy - May 3,4,5

    oh yea, is Logan the city that allow's dirt bikes on the roads? hehehe... ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /
  25. Hatfield-McCoy - May 3,4,5

    zag, i'm interested but let me see what's coming up on the schedule. how many days are you planning on staying? ------------------ Mike / 1988 KX500 /