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  1. Ds 80 V.s Pw 80

    Both are 80cc two strokes. I personally think the PW80 would be better if you don't want a clutch to fool with. Other wise the DS-80 would be better. Has a head light, brake light, 5 gears and manual clutch so you can slip it if you want to get going faster. I really don't think either the PW80...
  2. Xr100

    The 01' Shock is longer. I think the 00 is 5.4 and the 2001 is 5.9inche's of travel. They also lengtened the fork's as well. XR's only Try that too. CRG
  3. Xr100

    I don't think there's new spring's for the lil XR. Like aftermarket stiffer one's. You could play with the fork oil hieght but I think that's as far as you are going to get. I would go to the suspension forum and you would probaly get a few more detailed responses. CRG
  4. MXBridget770

    cool I Will take a look at 9 so it will be dominated by DRN guy's CRG
  5. MXBridget770

    Where? Welcome Bridget well I better get out of here before bbbom hit's me on the head! ;) CRG
  6. '96 XR600 engine problem

    That's odd. I can tell you why it snapped into gear. When you pulled in the clutch you took the load off the engine and it then slipped in gear with smaller force on it. I thought the XR's use chain's for timing :think I think Rich had one of these not sure. He could probaly help you more...
  7. 01 KTM SX125 Pipe Info

    I was just wondering if you had. I was going to try a DOMA and PC pipe but failed to come up with some fund's. CRG
  8. 01 KTM SX125 Pipe Info

    Marcus, What about Pro-circuit? would it be like all there pipe's? better all around. CRG
  9. Rear tire wheelies

    get used to buying new bar's and front fender's. I just pick a gear and apply a hand full of front brake's. It take's a few time's over the bar's to get used to it. CRG
  10. Donut

    I've done them on wet grass. I hold the front brake and give throttle untill the rear break's lose and then lean to my right and keep my foot down in case I fall. I can't do the stand up one's tho. CRG
  11. sideways in whoops

    The rebound could be too soft/fast and your spring rate could be too stiff. It's most likely going to be both. I lean all the way back and let the front tire skip over the top's. CRG
  12. abc

    I would like to know who voted "no" ? CRG
  13. abc

    Uh............. What did we vote for? CRG
  14. MX~tech suspender's

    Heck no! Okie know's what i'm talking about. When you say your joining the darkside that mean's that your getting a four-stroke. I will be switching to the four-stroke in 2002 all depending on if the CRF450 does well and I like it. The first person around here to get one is going to let me take...
  15. MX~tech suspender's

    Ok I will give him a buzz. What number could/should I reach him at? I don't mind how long it is going to take untill I get it all set. I will be riding this weekend to test out new setting's and well screw around. Thank's for your help. CRG
  16. MX~tech suspender's

    I thought the same. As soon as I go riding this weekend I will get a box and pack my stuff up. Should I turn my clicker's all the way hard or soft or just leave them as they are? CRG
  17. MX~tech suspender's

    Sorry Eric I was going to send my engine to you but I relized from reading your book that I needed my suspension set-up more than I need my engine tuned. Trust me you'll get it some day. Anyway's My CR has too stiff spring's in it. I also would like it re valved and serviced. Could you set the...
  18. Holding the bike with your knees.. Difficult!?

    When standin my nee's won't give much grip to the tank so I've learned to grip with the side of my leg. Practice, practice, practice. When I had to learn a new cornering technique that's all I had in my mind. Try remembering to hold on and after awhile it will be second nature. CRG
  19. Pro-Circuit T-4 exuast system on TTR

    A friend is about to buy a T-4 exuast for his TTR-125. Does anyone else own this system? We will be ordering it. What jetting do you run with this system? Will it need a new header? CRG
  20. 2000 CR250 --- Bogging down low.

    You can get all around porting if you want. Low-mid porting will help where you want and you should lose minimal top-end. CRG
  21. 2000 CR250 --- Bogging down low.

    I just saw that you would do porting too. Porting will give you more bang for that hard earned dollar. Eric charge's 120-160 one of the two. I forget what it is. A SST is $333.00 and will make less power over porting. CRG
  22. 2000 CR250 --- Bogging down low.

    A SST pipe by FMF will give you better all around. I would go for the shorty silencer. It would give you more bottom and mid. CRG
  23. This sunday at seaford!

    Anyone for it? I will be there. It is an open practice for anyone. I will be there. I don't know when I am leaving but it will be early. CRG
  24. Durangos and other Utes?

    Our Tahoe has disc's all the way around. We tested the brake's the second day. A 18 wheeler pulled out in front of us. We stoped way in time. 45ft of road left or so from 50mph. I would take a good look at those new trailblazer's. The trailblazer has a v6 but make's 8 power. CRG
  25. Durangos and other Utes?

    What about? Why not the new Chevy Trailblazer. It will last just as long as any of those other's and maybe longer. If the Jeep's trany is like the Chrysler sebring Don't buy it. CRG