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  1. jaguar

    Help - Cylinder

    when you replace the piston look at the underside of the piston top to see if its blackened. If so then the main jet is too lean.
  2. jaguar

    new peak power RPM formula

    I've updated my approach to figuring it out. Read about it at www.dragonfly75.com/moto/blowdown.html
  3. jaguar

    Trying to ride a cr500

    Just get a KTM 300
  4. jaguar

    Help Issue dt 200 yamaha dying

    turn the idle air screw till it has the highest RPM then turn it 1/4 turn clockwise then turn the throttle slide stop screw till it idles at the correct RPM
  5. jaguar

    Newbie here named Claude from Canada

    girl + little experience = crash
  6. jaguar

    Yamalube 2S or 2R?

    2R is made of 60% group 3 oil which is highly refined petroleum oil that is good enough to legally be called synthetic. But a typical ratio to use it at is 26:1 so expect more smoke and spooge but really I am favoring group 3 oils more than any other right now (for their protection and increased...
  7. jaguar

    The Famous Oil Ratio Test Article - Where is it ?

    Rick Sieman: SuperHunky.com "A second test they performed was to run synthetic in two identical engines and one was run at 24:1, the other was run at 50:1 The engine that ran 24:1 had less piston skirt wear, and less rod bearing wear, but had the same main roller bearing wear as the...
  8. jaguar

    Looking for first dirtbike (with some questions

    the kill switch grounds the stator coil output (to the CDI) when you press the button. You could run that same wire to a switch that grounds it to the frame/handlebars when the key is removed.
  9. jaguar

    Synthetic or Mineral Engine Oil for 2 Strokes?

    Husqvarna did some testing in the mid 70's that was very interesting. They put 3 identical stock engines on a dyno and ran them for several days at varying RPM and load conditions. Then the motors were torn down and inspected. The engine running CASTOR based oil had the least wear, followed by...
  10. jaguar

    Synthetic or Mineral Engine Oil for 2 Strokes?

    Also Yamalube 2R has about 60% group 3 oil and most everyone loves it. Here's a report I found on the internet about how more oil increases power: "I have run Dyno tests on this subject. We used a Dynojet dynamometer, and used a fresh, broken in top-end for each test. We used specially...
  11. jaguar

    Looking for first dirtbike (with some questions

    all motorcycles should be locked to a pole with a strong chain. you can hide a GPS tracker on it also to find it after it is stolen.
  12. jaguar

    Classic pics time!

  13. jaguar

    Piston help. Newbie

    the piston skirts were blackened due to the blowby past the stuck ring. make sure the filter is clean and oiled. usually you can recover a piston like that. just make sure there is a little vertical play for the ring. you can use an exacto knife to scrape the surfaces. the black under the piston...
  14. jaguar

    98 cr250r lost compression

    Usually a blown head gasket will cause an immediate change like that. Rings gradually wear down. Only snagging a ring on a port can cause an immediate loss of psi. But check that the spark plug didn't unscrew.
  15. jaguar

    1980 Rm250 Won't Start!

    It can spark outside the engine in normal air pressure but not spark inside the engine because the higher the air pressure the higher the voltage needs to be to create a spark. Some old flywheels lose magnetic strength which lowers voltage to the CDI. Also any rust at any electrical connection...
  16. jaguar

    KDX clutch chatter rings

    go ahead and try it. Let us know if it explodes. ;-)
  17. jaguar

    Is the Husqvarna TX125 2017 good for enduro? Or KTM XC-W 125?

    here's a review on the Husky : Enduro21 - First Look - Husqvarna’s 2017 Two-Stroke Enduro
  18. jaguar

    Problems with my 2000 KX250

    it's probably the bearing at the end of the clutch shaft. You have to split the cases to replace it.
  19. jaguar

    KX250 harder to start than CRF250X?

    my 2 stroke starts usually on the first kick. try different screw turns of the idle adjust on the carburetor.
  20. jaguar

    2001 KX250 225psi

    only the high dollar testers can truly be trusted
  21. jaguar

    Suzuki Rm250 Gear Problem

    check that the clutch isn't notched. grab the clutch basket and try to move it up and down to see if there is any movement which indicates bad bearings
  22. jaguar

    No Spark On My Rm250 97

    Troubleshooting the Ignition System
  23. jaguar

    K1 RM125 sounds bad.No idea why.

    lower the needle
  24. jaguar

    Help 97 rm125 please help me out!

    with clean fuel and a good fuel filter, if it still overflows then it's either horribly maladjusted or it needs a new float needle
  25. jaguar

    Lacking low end power?

    the idle circuit is always in play, it's just that at WOT its influence is very little. The tuning sequence is set the idle, main, then needle height, then possibly change the slide cutaway. My write-up on the subject is at 2 Stroke Carburetor Tuning And if you can't get it right no matter what...