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  1. Okiewan

    Trying to ride a cr500

    You realize that the CR500 isn't made anymore, right? Other than that, the difference between a 2-stroke 500 and a 4-stroke 450 isn't huge. The 500 will hit a lot harder and is much less linear in power delivery. Yes, you can lug a 500 (be lazy) and get away with it, but for most newer...
  2. Okiewan

    Pls help lol

    The least abused for the best price is always the best choice. Color doesn't matter as much as people like to say it does.
  3. Okiewan

    Help Issue dt 200 yamaha dying

    First question is why you would let it idle for 15 minutes? Why would you need to?
  4. Okiewan

    Hey There!

    Welcome to DRN iammargarette! It's a shame they have that attitude! They are just as "dangerous" for them if not more! Guys tend to do more stupid stuff on dirtbikes than girls, quick search on youtube for dirtbike crashes will prove that!
  5. Okiewan

    Hodaka Roll Call

    Never had one, but the first bike I ever lusted after the Combat Wombat back in the day ('70 if I recall) ... Hodaka Trivia: The Japanese / American venture based in Oregon was owned by Shell Oil for a time.
  6. 1974 - Okie's '70 XL 125

    1974 - Okie's '70 XL 125

    Another POS, but better than the KE. 12 years old, cutting grass for a couple summers got me this "sweet" XL 125
  7. Okiewan

    Help Where to post an ad

    We no longer have a For Sale section.
  8. Okiewan

    new to this need some advice

    Welcome to DRN and owning a dirtbike! The very first thing you need to do is order a shop manual. You can find these online in either printed or pdf format. The next is read everything you can about the bike, this KDX Forum is a good place to start. The search function is your friend. Yes...
  9. Okiewan

    Amazing this is still here

    What's going on old timer?
  10. Okiewan

    2003 Suzuki rm100 for adult

    Agreed, that RM will be a blast throwing around on the trails. You can always get something bigger later on, if you feel like you need to.
  11. Okiewan

    Looking for first dirtbike (with some questions

    If it's a mini-bike you are after, by all means go for it. If it's an actual dirt bike you want, pass on it.
  12. Okiewan

    Classic pics time!

    Yes, my first MX hero. I was at that race :) Actually got to ride that track a couple of times on my first bike, a (P.O.S.) KE-100. First lap, broke the right side peg off, dad cut off an axe handle and wedged it between the frame and the engine so the day wouldn't be lost.
  13. Okiewan

    Looking for first dirtbike (with some questions

    Your age? Your height and weight? What kind of riding are you interested in (mx, woods/trails, backyard)? Where are you located? Are you familiar with what the law requires to plate (make it street legal) a bike? This is a very small, under-powered "pit bike", that might be okay for putting...
  14. Okiewan

    Newbie here named jared

    Welcome to DRN Jared! Let us know if you have any questions.
  15. Okiewan

    Opening the New Member Section Again...

    Since it's a 2 stroke Yamaha, the best place to post the question is here: Yamaha 2-Strokes
  16. Okiewan


    MikeT in the house! Good to see ya :)
  17. Okiewan

    Help Help a newbie

    That link is to a whole section of the forum, with a lot of posts about the build. This post is a pretty good start, at the very beginning of the whole thing: DR Mag: The Build off.... TIME SENSITIVE: Bike Choice Complete. I really enjoyed re-reading all of that... good times! A LOT of...
  18. Okiewan

    Help Help a newbie

    Check this for the build Ivan mentioned : Battle Of The Boards Bike Build
  19. Okiewan

    40 yr old with hist first ever motorcycle/dirt bike

    Very cool! You guys will have a blast riding together! Some of my best memories are riding with my dad when I was a kid. Life got in the way and we didn't ride together for more than 20 years, then went out and got bikes and started where we left off! That was in 1999 :) He's mid 70's now...
  20. Okiewan

    Help Help a newbie

    That's good news ... info like that is also helpful for others, thanks again for sharing. I'm really enjoying the progress reports, makes me want to go out and find a basketcase for a winter project. I say "winter" project, that's when the garage isn't 105 degrees :p IMHO, the trick to...
  21. Okiewan

    Off-Topic It’s 2018 and

    Let me correct you sir.... OLD poo-poo heads.
  22. Classic Dirt Bikes "1974 500 CCM"

    Classic Dirt Bikes "1974 500 CCM"

    This very nice British built Clews Competition Machine (CCM) belongs to classic racer Steve Gregson.
  23. Okiewan


    Yup. What does he mean by "changed everything" ? If that means he's replaced everything that's worn or worn-out, a recent top-end, etc., that's great if he can prove it, as truespode said. If he's talking about aftermarket stuff, that's not worth as much. As far as what to get for your...
  24. Okiewan

    Solved Yz490

    Good deal!