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  1. 13FoxTrot

    80 Year Old Grandpa Shreds ....

    That was a good one. The kids couldn't stop laughing about grandpa getting on the bike! Love the goon syle and he's still faster than most of us.
  2. 13FoxTrot

    Speaking of Dean Wilson

    I've always liked Dean. He gets a lot of tough breaks but is a great rider.
  3. 13FoxTrot

    I heard without pictures it didn't happen

    congradulations on the new YZF! One of these days Im going to be able to order a new bike and all the trick parts! Thats a dream that will come true. Hard work will win. Dont think I'm compaining that I cant do it now. Im not. Sooner than later I'll be doing the same1.
  4. 13FoxTrot

    My friends son wants a dirt bike. He's 6

    TTR 50, CRF 50, etc. Good thing about these little bikes is you can find good used ones for cheap and then resell it when he outgrows it. Just take good care of it!
  5. 13FoxTrot

    KTM rider comments on KDX 200 - Video

    thought you guys might like this KTM guys mini review while riding the KDX
  6. 13FoxTrot

    What were YOU doing in June of 1999 ?

    I was 10 yrs old and got my first mini bike. It was junk X_X
  7. 13FoxTrot

    Play with the grown-ups Zach Osborn

    you got you wish. Not saying you would want someone to get hurt. Does this mean he won't get to race the 250s anymore?
  8. 13FoxTrot

    Help Help a newbie

    what will you do with that frame, acid bath maybe?
  9. 13FoxTrot

    I can't stop, even though I want to

    Wow, that was crazy "hold my beer moments for sure. I don't know what some of these people were thinking.
  10. 13FoxTrot

    Understanding Jet Needles

    This is an excellent article thanks it really helped.
  11. 13FoxTrot

    Honda crf450r oil problem

    Truespode is correct, seems to happen fairly often with the 2003 CRF's.
  12. 13FoxTrot

    CRF250X or CRF450X?

    Nothing wrong with the 250 ... Like Benski said, for an average size person in the tight stuff, it's a lot more nimble and controllable.
  13. 13FoxTrot

    The "Boy" Scouts

    This stuff has gotten out of hand. I just read another story where a school district wants to eliminate the words Boy and Girl from all text books. WTH? What's the point? Strange that there has been no mention of the Girl Scouts doing the same? I recall the Boy Scouts being about young boys...
  14. 13FoxTrot

    Classic pics time!

    Marty Smith @ Mid Ohio, 1976. And this is the 76 Honda RC125M in the picture: