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  1. Help Kdx 220 carb leaking and no idle adjustment

    I recently did a carb rebuild on my 1998 Kdx 220. After putting it back together, it leaks out the vent tube and the idle is terrible. The idle screw does Nothing. I have adjusted the float so many times and it doesn't fix the problem. My buddies 1993 kdx 200 has the same problem after carb...
  2. 1998 KDX200 fuel/ oil mix

    Was just wondering what effect it would have. I almost ran out of fuel and my buddies gas was mixed 50:1 for his KTM.
  3. 1998 KDX200 fuel/ oil mix

    I ran 40:1 all three days that I was out and had no spooge and it seemed to run pretty good. Iran 40:1 all three days that I was out with really fast open road stuff and tight gnarly slow stuff without any spooge.
  4. 1998 KDX200 fuel/ oil mix

    Just got a 98 Kdx 220 and ran it all weekend on open hydro roads and technical climbing. I ran it at 40:1. Question is, can I run it at 50:1? I realize I will probably have to do something with the jetting maybe. Just want to make sure it will be ok for an older bike. Any help is appreciated!