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  1. Okiewan

    How important is lowering the forks?

    It just won't turn as well ... but wont hurt anything. You'll likely not notice much of a difference unless you are very aggressive/fast . True, the suspension won't function as well as it could, but again, you'll likely not notice it based on the riding you described.
  2. Okiewan

    Whats goin on?

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the sport! The search function works great for finding all the info you could ask for. Don't be afraid to ask anything, everyone here was a noob just starting out at one time or another, some of us back when tires were still made of wood :) .
  3. Okiewan

    If you could only choose one? :)

    I've come to the conclusion that all the $$ I spent on bling, or the next great go-fast part, was really just money down the drain, in most cases anyway. As it is, if I'm spending my own money, I'd get the suspension done, and replace the bars with my favorite bend, grips and some friction...
  4. Okiewan

    If you could only choose one? :)

    I'd just ride it.
  5. Okiewan

    Identify logo on this sweatshirt

    I tried ... too low res to enlarge. Good luck.
  6. Okiewan

    RacerX's 2019 Supercross Preview ... Let's Race!

    Episode 1: The Favorites for 2019 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Schedule:
  7. Okiewan

    WP AER fork internal air leak

    Hey Pete, thanks for the post. Are the mfg's moving away from the air forks these days (maybe already have?), I don't recall seeing much good said about them? What's your take from the suspension guy's point of view?
  8. Okiewan

    My boy is getting fast need advice

    So if you punch yourself in the throat when no one is around, did it really happen?
  9. Okiewan

    A $230,000 1970's Dirt Bike?

    Back in the early 70's, before the Japanese started knocking-off, I mean manufacturing, motocross/off-road bikes and dumping them, I mean "selling" them in the US and to a lessor extent Europe, brands like Husky ruled the world. We're talking about the original Husqvarna (Sweden) here, long...
  10. Okiewan

    yz 125 1994 help with power

    1. Uhh... another language issue? I'll go out on a limb here and say that your bike doesn't have a governor. 2. If you tried to jet the stock carb and weren't happy with the results, the next step was NOT to replace the carb with a larger one.... the next step was to find-out why the...
  11. Okiewan

    Problems with front forks and finger pain (rmz-250)

    Have the forks done, if there's a problem, they will find it. I can't say I've ever experienced one fork being longer than the other, at least not so much that I ever noticed it / had difficulty with the axle. Either way, I cant see the forks causing your finger pain, at least not the forks...
  12. Okiewan

    yz 125 1994 help with power

    First, why a larger carb? "Moto can't kill" - does that mean the kill switch doesn't kill it? Have you tried putting the stock carb back on it?
  13. Okiewan

    Harsh finger pain from riding

    Maybe a handlebar / death grip combination? Do you get arm pump often?
  14. Okiewan

    Any of you peeps remember this place?

    Looking back at it now, I'm not sure which DirtWeek location I liked the best ... I suppose the single biggest advantage Cooperland had was the size of the pits/camping area. I don't think LTM could have held us all.
  15. Okiewan

    Any of you peeps remember this place?

    Great place to ride for sure. Glad to hear it's still alive and actually improving! Great memories made on that piece of land. Unfortunately, a fate similar to Cooperland is more common than what's happening in Casey. :(
  16. Okiewan

    Harsh finger pain from riding

    How long have you been riding?
  17. Okiewan

    1995 KTM(LEM) parts source? manuals?

    You'll probably have to suck it up and pay for one.
  18. Okiewan

    1988 RM125 Compression

    160-175 if I recall correctly, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. Okiewan

    1999 Yz125

    Man I wish I could help, but I'm having difficulty understanding the posts.
  20. Okiewan

    hello all

    Never too late to get back in the saddle! Nice choice on the bike to do it on too.
  21. Okiewan

    1995 KTM(LEM) parts source? manuals?

    KTM SX 50 - SXR Spares Manual 1995 , New Re-Print Version of the OEM Book | eBay
  22. Okiewan

    1999 Yz125

    When you leave the valve open? Not sure what you mean. When you kick it over it "won't" what? Start? Turnover? Oil comes out from where? Sorry, but you'll need to be more specific if you are going to get any help.
  23. Okiewan

    My boy is getting fast need advice

    First, good on you for looking for neck protection for the lad and being willing to spend the $$ to protect him. To the best of my knowledge, there's not a secret-best-for-cheap neck brace out there... like most things, especially those that claim to protect, you get what you pay for. This is no...
  24. Okiewan

    Gas tanks

    The 1999-2002 KX 125 & 250 tanks are interchangeable.