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  1. Motocross of nations not for US?

    I was thinking about this year's race last night and wanted to see if anyone agrees with me. I think it's a great idea, like an Olympics for motocross. I like how they score it, making it a team effort in a sport that isn't about teams or teamwork. Okay there are teams in mx, but it's not a...
  2. Joey Savatgy .. $Million Team Player?

    it was neat that the fan also won a million but who ever had to pay the money was most likely not happy about how it all went down. I understand letting tomac go by was a nice move and all, but where's the sportsmanship in that? On one hand, taking one for the team is sportsmanship, but this...
  3. After 20 years of this, I need your help.

    There is so much GOOD dirt bike information here I know for sure Ive saved a lot of money because of it. Count me in.
  4. Just joined ... where's the free stuff?

    Thats a nice style really clean and easy to read. I cant remember the last time I saw a message board with no advertisements on it.
  5. Just joined ... where's the free stuff?

    Just kidding! I am curious though, how do I switch to the ad free version?
  6. 2001 KDX 220 in the woods - Video

    That guy is fast on that KDX! Looks like a great place to ride.. not too tight for newbs like me.