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  1. Need Help With Yz80

    Just looked at bike bandits parts, i guess the frame is not available, so the part number for the 92 isn't listed
  2. Need Help With Yz80

    I don't know. If you don't get an answer, go to Yamaha parts site. Compare the part numbers. Can't imagine they changed the frame unless there were major changes for a model year.
  3. Dirty Wed Ix Lv,nv

    DIRTY WED IX Come one, come all! After work riding is here! the general game plan is meet at Apex at 5pm, gear up and ride till the sun sets. If you cant make 5pm but still want to go, post up what time you will be there and we will swing around and pick you up. The ride rating and pace is...
  4. Vegas-Apex

    If you start riding now, you might make it here for next years opener!
  5. Vegas-Apex

    A few of us here in Vegas go out to Apex after work on Weds. Usually at least 2or 3 of us up to about 10 show up. We try to get there around 5, anyone is welcome to join us. I get there by 5:15, pull my bike behind a white Jeep Grand Cherokee. This week I am trying to get my old air cooled CR500...
  6. Vintage MX

    Just picked up this beauty and got it running. Doesnt quite qualify for a true vintage, but its old enough for me! Well its an 84 air cooled CR500. Tried to post a couple of pics, but Im guessing I have to have a certain amount of post to be able to do that. Just saw my first vintage race a...
  7. Southwest Chapter?

    Im in Vegas. I ride with a couple of groups of guys and get out at least every weekend. I will start posting our rides here to see what kind of interest there is. John in Vegas
  8. Hi from Vegas

    Just stumbled upon this forum and so far it looks to be a good one. I am looking forward to some good discussions in the future. Currently, my "good" bike is an 06 WR450, which is in a million pieces with a bad motor. Since that bike self destructed, I have lost faith in 4strokes and gotten...