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  1. Where to ride near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    ISABELLA, PA or Off rt 43 south of pittsburgh Mongohela exit
  2. Riding in Pittsburgh Area - Easter Weekend?

    Hey everyone I should be home and out riding in Isabella, PA this weekend. Post on here or e-mail me at and we can meet up to ride. I'm on a 2007 YZ250F Pele
  3. Riding South of Pittsburgh

    we all just one even cares if they kick us off or try would be hard to tell 50+ bikes/atvs to leave good times
  4. Riding South of Pittsburgh

    Hey all, I'm off to ride this weekend. I'll be riding in ISABELLA, PA unless someone here has another good place to go near Pitt. Hit it up.
  5. March 1st, anyone riding near pittsburgh?

    No problem...i didnt end up getting out and riding like i wanted to. I got busy with some stuff. I miss the whole riding season this year. I deploy until christmas in about 20 days
  6. March 1st, anyone riding near pittsburgh?

    Anyone going to be out ripping up the trails this coming weekend? I think I'll be home and out riding in Isabella area but willing to drive a bit if someone is riding. :ride:
  7. louisville,kentucky area

    nah its in frankfort, ky
  8. louisville,kentucky area

    I'll be chillin at the dragonpub in frankfort on friday.
  9. Anyone from Pittsburgh

    you live in Clinton? There is a ton of farm land up that way. Any good riding ?
  10. Anyone from Pittsburgh

    I come home sometimes to ride. Where are you in Pittsburgh? I probably wont be around much this year because I deploy soon but if you need help finding places to ride let me know.
  11. louisville,kentucky area

    im a woods guy, and I love hill climbs. Just something about them is challenging and fun at the same time.
  12. louisville,kentucky area

    I'll be down there the weekend after Valentines day but I don't think i'm bringin the bike
  13. Is there anywhere close to DC to ride?

    I live in DC and I have a YZ250f and I like to just ride anything. I like hill climbs, trails, small jumps, big jumps, tight trails, muddy trails, etc. I'm looking for a place close to DC within 2 hours that isn't a track. I know Budds Creek is close but I grew up in Pittsburgh and you could...
  14. My girlfriend - Her First time on a quad

    She rode my old 1982 XR100 and is still a little shaky when climbing trails with hills. She gets nervous with new obsticles. I decided after watching her ride the dirt bike that she needed to learn how to use its clutch, then ride the quad to improve her confidence and skill level, then...
  15. My girlfriend - Her First time on a quad

    She is in the second half of the video. I am excited that she likes to ride. This is GREAT!!!!!! I love that she now enjoys something I enjoy all it took was a 1500 dollar used quad!
  16. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    I WONT MAKE IT HOME. I have 6 weeks of military training that popped up today and won't be over until the middle of December. Oh well, guess I'll get to ride my dirt bike again one day.
  17. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    Get your bikes out and get them ready for this weekend. I'm driving home 4 hours and I am going riding on Sunday. I hope to see you guys out and about. Plus, the Steelers are playing the Ravens and we all know how that is going to end so lets just celebrate on the bikes and someone can haul...
  18. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    Well just put the coordinates in the above post and google map it. Maybe we'll see you out there.. We might be out with another quad and older 250x. We'll be out in the morning say 9am or 10am til about 1pm
  19. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    oh you guys would have a blast. I ride an 07 YZ250f and my girlfriend will be out riding with us for the first time on a 2001 Recon 4x2. If I think she can handle the terrain then I think you and the son would be fine. One of the dump/slag piles is a little easier to ride as well. It as...
  20. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    Anyone else gonna be there ?
  21. PITTSBURGH RIDERS! Let's Ride 7 October

    Oh yah that is right. Well next season then in the spring.
  22. PITTSBURGH RIDERS! Let's Ride 7 October

    We had fun.....but you should suit up and ride with us when you get some time!
  23. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    I cannot host at my house but I can get everyone who is interested to an area that can park and unload. This is for anything. People ride just about anything on this land. You will see quads, Mules, 6 wheelers sometimes, and dirt bikes. There are a few trails that run along the train tracks...
  24. Pittsburgh Riders Part II - Feeler Thread

    I'll be home again November 4th. Right now it is tentative date for me to ride. I am just gauging interest. I'm looking at riding in Isabella, PA. I think if we met there then it would be a pretty good place to ride for most people. These coal slags are larger than Clairton and there are...
  25. PITTSBURGH RIDERS! Let's Ride 7 October

    We had a blast. Erick picked up a few good tips. He is improved by the day's end. I had a good time. We'll have to plan a trip to an area that is a little bigger. But I must say that it was a good time to meet some people who like to ride as much as I do.