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  1. Spokes loosen every ride

    The holes might be egged out, but from what I can tell the rim and hub is in good shape. I've been looking on ebay and craigslist for a new(er) set of wheels. Do you know if any set of wheels would work or if I need to stick to wheels from my generation?
  2. Spokes loosen every ride

    I've got a '89 RM250 just about after every ride some of the spokes on the rear wheel loosen up, so I just snug them back up. As far as I know the wheel has never been respoked. Should I loosen up each spoke a couple threads and put some lock tite on them?
  3. 72 Suzuki TS185 Cafe Racer Project

    I've got a pair of ts185s (72&74) I want to do a cafe racer type project also. I'd love to see what you're doing with yours
  4. DR 350 wont rev past 3k

    pull the carb off, take the bowl off the carb, soak it all over night in some carb cleaner, blow everything out with compressed air, put it back on the bike.
  5. Poll: What brand do you Ride?

    I have/had 6 suzukis ranging from vintage enduros to utility quads, It was actually more fate then by choice. Fate has turned me into a suzuki loyalst :D
  6. It's Not About The Bike!

    I have never seen a xr650 worked like that, sweet video
  7. 1992 CR250R Rear Shock Question

    You could always rebuild the current shock
  8. my old new bike

    Don't forget to clean the carb. I wouldnt do a bandaid fix for the exhaust leak, just go order a new gasket and springs, it won't be that expensive.
  9. Bacon

    I agree 100% and it goes with everything!! :nod:
  10. what's the mix

    32:1 is a safe mix, but I like to run my RM250 with 40:1. You should be fine with either one though
  11. stiffening 1984 cr125 rear shock

    The shock might be done, look for an ebay replacement
  12. grip trouble

    X2 I have found compressed air the best way to get grips on
  13. Yz 125

    sounds like a great deal, it would be gone in a day here
  14. 1990 Rm250

    I'd look at a new pipe too. If your gonna be on a track I'd put the money in suspension.
  15. 1987 dr200 rear shock help!!!!

    Any shock the correct length would/should work, so just get out your measuring tape and figure out what you need
  16. first time at the track

    Pretty cool dude, I've been itching to hit a track myself
  17. Clutch Slippin

    Yeah, adjust the cable. put the barrel adjuster all the way in. Then find the adjuster thats on the actual cable, its normally behind the number plate, or right where it connects to the engine. Since its slipping you'll want to give it more slack. Once you do this go back and use the barrel...
  18. Longer Kicker for an 01' YZ250?

    It should fit the shaft, but you might have clearence problems with it.
  19. Are two strokes able to trail ride?

    I ride strictly trails on my RM250, I ride in the mountains and out in the fields. As for the age bit I trail rode my 72 TS185 for years. Sure it was dated, but it was still a blast. The KDXs are great for woods, you should also keep your eye out for an old KTM
  20. Anyone here ride the meadowlands?

    Your right I asked if anyone one rides there. The purpose of the stupidest thread you have ever seen was to see who else rode there, not for everyone to flock there and get my spot shut down. I was trying to define a more specific area then coming out and saying "hey who rides north...
  21. Anyone here ride the meadowlands?

    #1 the saying I ride the meadowlands is pretty general, I never said directions or exact locations #2 Well, if they think they are gonna catch me they are sadly mistaken. Its not like they can radio ahead or anything either cause they dont know where I'm going #3 thanks for that tip...
  22. 1986 cr250 erratic idle

    I'm fairly new to the two stroke world, but I dont believe the dent would effect the idle. You already have done what I would suggest first (clean carb and new plug). Sorry I can't help more. You can look here for what you need for the carb...
  23. Anyone here ride the meadowlands?

    Sorry dude, but I am trying to keep this place hush hush, I dont want the word to get out about it, I was just seeing if other people went there also. Thanks , but I've actually seen the cops watch me ride, the staties pull over on the turnpike and watch me ride around for a little bit...
  24. KX 250 strating issues

    I'd try a new plug...maybe even a hotter one (on NGK plugs lower number = high temp).
  25. Chest Protectors - Under or Over?

    I didn't start wearing one till i made the transition from four wheels to two. I have a thor quadrant(i think) it already saved my back once. Its cheap insurance to maybe save yourself from cracked ribs