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  1. JR50 Height Adjustment

    Hi all. Just bought a '01 Suzuki JR50. I raised the seat height by remounting the shock to the higher location. Are there forks adjustments to compensate for this? If so, please take me through it. Thanks!
  2. good price for a 06 yz250f

    What a fair price for a 06 yz250f. with low hours, never raced, stock. is $4000 too high?
  3. torque spec on carburetor nut

    What is the torque spec for the nut at the bottom of the carb (the one that gives access to the jets) for a 2001 cr125?
  4. double/blurred vision's not diabetes. any other ideas? btw, SPEEED, are/were your two friends overweight?
  5. double/blurred vision

    no light headed feeling. Just vision. Had been checked for diabetes about year ago. I will check doctor, though, to double check.
  6. double/blurred vision

    Any of you guys get double/blurred vision when riding a motocross track. Occassionally, I'll get this altered vision after a couple laps. It stops when I stop. But, it comes back when I start riding again. I swapped goggles, but it didn't help. I'm not motion sick, just the vision gets...
  7. Crf250r / Crf250x

    Crf250 Is Honda currently working on a CRF250?
  8. Scott roll off VS Oakley tear off

    Which is easier and better to use? Scott's roll off system or Oakley's tear off system?
  9. Lowering the Height of my Bike

    Chief, at least you're not 5' 4", like me. I have had my 250f lowered 2 inches. I rode it like that for a couple of months and it worked fine. After riding a buddy's bike, I decided to return it to stock height. You see, it's not the jumps that affected my bike, but the small bumps and tree...
  10. Mx-Tech Suspension Lowering

    I've had two bikes lowered: YZ125 and YZ250F(current ride). It was great for getting comfortable with riding dirt bikes. It was good for trails AND the track. A lot of people think it would hurt on big jumps, but it does just fine. It's actually the small bumps that hurt the shortened...
  11. Where or what is the best place to get gear/parts?

    I've tried Dennis Kirk. Their customer service and website is horrible. is best site I've tried so far! Low prices, quick shipping, great customer service!
  12. Seriously, how tall is Ricky?

    *william*, Ricky has his bike modified to fit his height. So. maybe he's been complaining about the height of bikes also? Actually, he's always had his bikes modified. His 125's suspension used to be shortened! Of course Ricky would rip on a 'stock' bike anayway.
  13. KLX300 Light Removal

    KLX Spode.. What did you do about the number plate hitting the shrouds? Or did you replace your shrouds?
  14. klx number plate

    Any tips on on removing light and putting on number plate?
  15. Fonseca's Got a Rubber Leg

    Ernesto should've never "choked":D in the first place. He had Pastrana beat! He did take a pretty mean fall and on any bike he would've never made it back to top three. I agree, though, that he took a while to start up again. I was there and had a bet with a Pastrana fan (whoever came...
  16. YZ250F aftermarket exhaust, decisions?!

    zcookie. did you notice how LOUD the t4 is compared to stock? Is there a quiet insert for this puppy? ------------------
  17. yz250f ignition cover

    Will a wr250f igntion cover bolt right up onto a yz250f? Where can I get one? ------------------
  18. Vortip Insert for WR250F

    Anyone have pictures of the Vortip or something similar? All I need is a spark arrestor and I'm thinking of going the BMP route, but don't like the look. Does the vortip come with spark arresting abilites? BTW, I was going to get an aftermarket slip on, but all the reports on it say their all...
  19. YZF250 Kickstarter

    I got a thick fuel line hose and cut in down to about 1 1/2 inches. Then, I zipped tied it to the meat of the kickstarter. ------------------
  20. YZ250F aftermarket exhaust, decisions?!

    osheen, PLEASE let us know how the dr. d performs and how quiet it is (how much louder than stock). ------------------
  21. yz250f spark arrestor

    Lawman, did you get the complete system or just the silencer? How much? From whom? ------------------
  22. yz250f spark arrestor

    Anyone tried the Big Gun Quiet Series. Is it really quiet? Doesn't perform just as well as stock or better? I need a spark arrestor...snow is melting! ------------------