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    Help Yz125 transmission issues

    I have an 03 yz125. in neutral and the bike is off when you roll the bike backwards the transmission locks up but it’s intermittent. It does the same rolling forward but it’s not as bad. I’ve taken the chain off and spun the drive gear and it still happens. it’s also not like it’s grabbing a...
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    Rm125 died while riding havnt been able to start since? HELP

    I have 2005 rm125 I purchased a couple months ago. The clutch was fried when I bought it and I didn’t realize until the 4th ride or so, i brought it into the shop and had a brand new clutch+basket and everything put it cost around $700. The day i got it back I went riding and it was running and...
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    RM125 lock

    So I have a 1993Rm 125 with a greasy engine rebuild and I blew it up but I tried to push start it and now it’s able to kick again is it safe to ride
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    Help CR80 98' blew out oil viewing glass

    Hi all, I just rebuilt my bike about 2 hrs ago, its been running the best it has since ive owbed it, I got about 2-3 hrs total ride time before it blew out the oil level viewing glass, I have attached some photos as its hard to describe but it also looks like it have blown out the side of the...
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    Help 04 Cr85 main jet problem!

    So in April I bought an 04cr85, for a while the thing ran perfectly, over time it started to lose top end power, a bit from the piston wearing down, and a bit of a sputter from running too rich. I'll start off by saying bottom end rpms run fine since I got the bike till now. But I recently...
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