1. Okiewan

    Josh Hill's opinion on the Stark Varg

    Josh Hill shares his opinion on the Stark Varg (electric MX bike) on Swapmoto Live. Skip to the 30-minute mark. Will it be competitive? https://dirtrider.net/hills-thoughts-on-the-new-stark-varg-josh-hill-on-the-sml-show/
  2. Dirt Rider Mag

    Stark Future Varg First Look

    by: Mark Kariya Development of electric-powered dirt bikes has skewed toward models aimed at youth riders with barely a handful being full-size competition machines.Part of that has to be driven by economics as smaller bikes don’t require as much raw material. Part might be that kids aren’t...
  3. Dirt Bike


    by Mark Tilley Electric powered 2-wheeled machines seem to be all the rage lately. Honda has just announced a brand new youth focused machine the CRF-E2. The Greenger Powersports produced unit will be available exclusively through American Honda Powersports dealers later this year. The...
  4. 05KX_250

    Fastest Motocross Bike In The World

    Here is more info on the Stark Varg, link to the official website. 80hp for $12,900 , delivers May 2023. $100 deposit.
  5. Okiewan

    PulpMX: "World's Fastest MX Bike"

    This is a great time for Motocross / Off-Road. Electric bikes will open up many opportunities; how about indoor tracks? In town, no noise and no exhaust / huge exhaust systems required. Abandoned factories, retail buildings / malls. The sky is the limit.
  6. Okiewan

    VID DOOM! This electric bike thing is the end.

    We can't ignore the future of our sport and its battery powered. There wasn't a big 'ol smile on my face as I typed that. It's a when not if thing. My first reaction to this realization has been colored with my grumpy old-school mentality that will still engage in a heated 2T vs 4T rant from...
  7. Okiewan

    VID Segway Dirt eBike Tomorrow's Trail Bike?

    So what do YOU think? Specs (manufacturer): 121.3 Lbs 46.6 mph 74.6 Miles Range 4.02 sec 0-30mph 45 degree incline 184.3 ft-lbs torque Swappable Battery App control For More info: https://www.segway.com/dirt-ebike/
  8. Okiewan

    VID EMX-Pro : Yamaha Electric Motocrosser

    How many years before electric bikes dominate the off-road / dirt bike world? I remember when 4-strokes made their comeback. "Too heavy, too complicated, too fiddly; they'll never replace the 2-Stroke". But. Everyone loved the linear, "electric" power delivery. The 2001 YZ250F was the most fun...
  9. Okiewan

    VID Next Gen Moto : It's coming and there's no stopping it.

    If Tony Stark made a dirt bike. 80 HP 240 LBS Up to 6 Hours run time (1+ hours pinned with a pro-level rider onboard) 1-2 hours for a full charge GPS Fully tunable/programmable On-board display (using a custom, removable smart phone) Everything changes starting September 2022 RELATED: Video -...
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