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    2006 crf250r wont start after installing the throttle

    Hello yall backstory here i traded my 1996 cr125 for my current 2006 crf250r. The bike had low compression and the shims where off spec so i decided to do a top and bottom end rebuild installing Wiesco piston,WIesco rings,Stage 2 cam,hot rod crank,Boysen clutch etc all the good stuff a bike...
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    Rare 1985 Honda CR60

    Hi all, have acquired a 1985 Honda Cr60, what I have been told is a rare bike? Have tried to find one online like it but no luck have read 1985s were only sold in Canada and I’m based in the UK. Was wondering if anyone has an idea on the value? It’s very clean and all original, will try and...
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    Are my bars bent?

    Hi all, Apologies in advance if this may seem like a ridiculous question but completely new to dirt biking so I don't want to jump to any conclusions without confirming first. Got into a pretty nasty fall last time I went riding and noticed the bike wasn't riding straight. My right arm would be...
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    Why is my kickstart slopping?

    I have an 01 CR250 and the kickstart slops down and vibrates on the pipe. What is the cause of that?
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    96' CR80 Top End is Dead

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a Honda CR80 from a friend. It was sitting in a shed for 3 years and was beat pretty hard in the past I believe. I took the opportunity to get my first bike for cheap knowing I would have to fork out some cash on it. The main issue I found was that the crankshaft...
  6. 70 Year-Old Ken Roczen Presents 2019 Honda CRF Collective

    70 Year-Old Ken Roczen Presents 2019 Honda CRF Collective

    Honda has added some pretty interesting variants this year....
  7. 2019 Honda CRF450X

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    The completely redesigned 2019 Honda CRF450X. 2gal Titanium tank, 18" rear wheel, wide ratio 6 speed gear box, head and tail lights and a side stand are among many of the X model's features not found on the R model.
  8. First Look 2019 Honda CRF450R Works Edition

    First Look 2019 Honda CRF450R Works Edition

    For this First Look we met up with the team at Honda to see what they had in their bag of tricks for the 2019 model release. They have 7 new models including the all new Works Edition featuring the all new HRC holeshot modes, hand ported cylinder head, nitrided lower forks, Yoshimura exhaust...
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