1. Are my bars bent?

    Hi all, Apologies in advance if this may seem like a ridiculous question but completely new to dirt biking so I don't want to jump to any conclusions without confirming first. Got into a pretty nasty fall last time I went riding and noticed the bike wasn't riding straight. My right arm would be...
  2. Why is my kickstart slopping?

    I have an 01 CR250 and the kickstart slops down and vibrates on the pipe. What is the cause of that?
  3. 96' CR80 Top End is Dead

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a Honda CR80 from a friend. It was sitting in a shed for 3 years and was beat pretty hard in the past I believe. I took the opportunity to get my first bike for cheap knowing I would have to fork out some cash on it. The main issue I found was that the crankshaft...