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    2000 KDX 220 Front Forks ID

    Hello! First post here! I searched the forum best I could but still, I am needing help identifying the forks on my KDX. I'm asking as my seals have been leaking severely and have been putting them off. I was quoted fairly steep for seal replacements, also with the skepticism that the bike is...
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    1991 KDX 250 Severe Engine Problems

    Buddy of mine has a 1991 KDX 250 that used to run great. Now its having some big issues. It will not start with the kick starter even when warmed up and must be bump started. When it is running it kicks in and out of power as if it was still extremely cold and needed to be warmed up (basically...
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    New guy with a KDX

    I’m in Blacksburg, Virginia riding a 2003 KDX 200. I found your ’Canadian Dave’s KDX’ forum and was hooked! Great resource, thanks.
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