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  1. Help Xr250r 2002 no spark

    Hey guys I was riding my xr and she made a crunching kind of sound and died on me now has no spark at all, was thinking the magneto or coils but not sure witch one or what ever was hoping someone could shed some light. Cheers in advance
  2. zackbrappp44

    2001 kx125 bogging on bottom end and surging on top

    I have a 2001 kx125 this is running what pro Circuit recommend for jetting (I have a platinum pipe), but the bike seems to run rich in the low rpms and then up top it seems to have sudden surges once in a wile when I do a pull. I don’t want to ride the bike if it is going to damage the motor...
  3. Help Ttr 125 bogs at full throttle

    Okay I have a 2003 ttr125 when I first got it it bogged like crazy so I put a new carb from eBay on it and filter and plug it will run but still bogs at full throttle I've tried everything and had alot of people try to help my bike is completely stock also someone please help
  4. 98 cr250r lost compression

    me and a buddy was out riding trails that are thick with sand and are also some decent dirt trails. I was riding a 98 CR250R Power Band. Granted I was giving it hell. Usually we would stop about every 30 minutes to give the bikes a rest because it's hell on them in the sand, plus it is tough...