Mar 19, 2001
I have the opportunity to buy a 2000 YZ 250 in very good condition
at a very reasonable price. I would be riding strictly in the tight
woods, enduro/hare scramble type riding. Will this bike work for
this type of riding. I know I will need to maybe add a flywheel weight and steering damper, anything else? Thanks for your help.
Oct 8, 2000
I ride a 2000 YZ 250 in woods!

I have a 2000 YZ250 that I use for woods and Harescrables. Its a great bike, I have done mant mods to make it better. I would say the best thing you can do is to send the suspension out for a revalve before the steering damper. I sent mine to W.E.R and this sucker eats the trail junk for lunch. I would suggest a flywheel weight, and sending you cylinder to Eric Gore for low end port job. I've spent over $2000.00 on mods for my bike but I feel these two are the most effective. Good luck with the bike, mines be excellent.:D


Apr 2, 2001
awsome bike bro, i have to say out of all the 250's i have ridden i think that was the best 250 ive ever ridden in fact the 97 cr250 that i rode had a ported and polished head too and the 2000 yz250 had better power stock, the 250's i have ridden was a 91 cr250,98 kx250,97 cr250 and the 2000 yz250, whcih was the best of the 250's yamaha makes a kick ass 125 too:p

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