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01 520 Exc Shim Stack For The Woods

Sep 30, 2014
Hi, I got a '01 520 exc with 525 SX engine. I ride mostly in the woods, no very extreme trails, but no fast sections too. 2nd, 3rd gear most of the time. I recently changed my fork oil and seals and fixed the preload, because the previous owner put 20mm preload spacers in. No I am at 6mm preload, may be need 2mm more as I did not saw the metal spacers in.

The suspension works ok, much better than before with 20mm preload. But as my skill grow I need something more.I got plenty of mods on the engine/carborator, but in the woods the suspension is the one that metters.So I have been reading suspension threads for some time now I am thinking of shim stask shuffle to get the forks work better.I have tried 08 450 EXC that really pleased me with its suspension.

I thought of gold valves, but I read in one of the threads that the WP43 flow enough nad gold valve is not needed.The shimming is the place to work on.I have come across a couple of set ups.


Stack #1

Option 2

24 x 0.1 2x
15 x 0.1 (a little more support for the 24's)
12 x 0.15 (total gap now = .25)

22 x 0.1
18 x 0.1
16 x 0.1
14 x 0.1
12 x 0.1
10 x 0.3

What do you think?Which one is better?
Any third option?

If this makes diffrence - I am 78kg w/o gear, bike is wo electric start, small tank, so pretty light. I got 2003 stock shock with L H speed adjustment.
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -