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Jan 16, 2003
My CR80 is running really bad. :whiner: If you are below 17,000 RPMs and you give it a handful of gas it just boggs really bad and won't want to go anywhere. Anybody know what could be going on in there? :ugg:


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
First off... an 80 doesn't rev any higher than around 12,000-13,000 RPMs....

But lets hear more about your problem in order to help. Does the engine die or just bog when you twist the throttle? Does the bog go away and clean out and run okay after the initial bog? If you twist the throttle slow or a little bit, does it bog as well? Did this just start happening and the bike was running fine before hand? How/why/when did it start running bad? More info would be helpful.... as there could be SEVERAL things to check (compression, top end, reeds, ignition, carb, spark plug, clutch, gas, exhaust, air filter, etc.)


Apr 9, 2003
MY YZ80 is acting quite similar. It bogs and quits. I havent pinpionted the problem yet, but check the plug first. I have had some problems and it was because the plug was fouled. But mine is most likely getting a top end also. Explain more.


Apr 2, 2002
check the main jet. it sounds like you need to go down a little. what do those things come stock like a 138, try a 135 or maybe 134 main jet.


Nov 17, 2001
I would add not let the top ends get worn in any of these bikes. We were foolish enough to run one in a CR 80 for over 8 months.

The stock Honda piston shattered. We lucked out and did not destroy the lower end. We easily could have.

Guess what? The rider loved the improved power the new weisco piston gave....imagine that!

You might have some jetting issues on both bikes, but unless the top end is fresh, dont even bother. Save up for that.

These bikes are incredibly fast for such little displacement. The piston and rings take a beating.

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