'03 YZ250F Oil Pump


Sep 18, 2002
I just had to split the cases on my son's '03 YZ250F (6 teeth came up missing off of 4th gear!). Because of the shrapnel going through the engine, one of the components we had to replace was the oil pump. It is actually two pumps on the same shaft - one circulates the oil in the engine and the other pumps the excess up into the frame reservoir. Yamaha shows the same part # for all years of the 250F, '01 - '04.

However, my outer rotor assembly (the one that pumps the oil into the frame) is approx. 7 mm narrower than the part you get when you order from it Yamaha -- ( It is item # 3 on the fiche. The part # is 5NL-13320-00-00. My only options were to machine the part down so it would fit, or wet sump the engine. I chose the later but didn't like either choice. I'd also like to be able to put it back to stock when I sell it.

Does anyone have ANY idea what is going on? Two different local dealers, along w/ YoT all confirmed it should be the same - but mine isn't.