04 YZ250 Setup for 248lb rider

Jan 17, 2001
My 15 yr old son just bought a 04 YZ250 and wants to start mx riding.Hes a big boy who weighs in at 248 lbs,so I went to racetech's spring rate calculater and bought the springs they recommended(5.4 shock/.49 fork).I just got them back from service and was trying to set the sag when I noticed that the sag numbers were not coming in the way I expected.I had in mind aprox 30mm static/aprox 105 race,but what I got was 18mm static/110 race.This seems to me like maybe the spring is not heavy enough,but there already bought I have to try them?Do these numbers sound reasonable for a beginer mxer(hes been riding a kdx 220 in the woods for 5 yrs)?If not,would you recomend going with less race sag and giving up even more static or the other way around?
Once I settle on a sag setting,what do you recomend doing with the clickers to compensate for the heavier springs in front and back?Thanks for any info or insight you can give me into setting up the bike for a heavy wieght.
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