Apr 28, 2006
Aaaggghhhh.... I THINK the time has come. I grew up on 2Ts, I just bought my 13yr old son a new YZ125, my current steed just got stolen(!!!!) and was an '03YZ250, and its time for something new. I filled out a credit app at OTDcyclesports and I'm in. $6300 for anything I want and I CANNOT for the life of me make up my mind. For that price I can have a brand new '06CRF450 or the '07YZ450F. I have spent some time recently on an '05CRF450 (cousin's) and an '05RMZ450 (brother-in-law's) and I think a 4T in in my future. The pros and cons of the CRF are Pros- Everything! Its all everything, right? Well according to every write-up about them, but tell me if I'm wrong. The cons - EVERYONE has one...and I don't necessarilly fit into the "be like everyone else thing" The Yamaha is my first choice although I don't know THAT much about it. I've never ridden one and I'm concerned about power (how far from the CRF is it?) and reliability...are the 5 valves really the most reliable. So please all '06 and up CRF450 and YZ450F owners, chime in and steer me in the right direction...PLEASE!!!!


Old MX Racer
Oct 19, 2006
For just plain mechanical superiority,Honda.Who needs 5 valves for a single cylinder?Who needs 2 cams,gyro effects up high,more weight,more parts and cash!Who needs separate trans and engine oil,to bad for any 4t engine that uses the same oil!

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