Jul 13, 2007
which 125!?? used 125? where to look?

hey. im still new to these forums but im in the process of buying a new bike. currently, i am riding a crf230f. its an alright bike to toy around on in the woods but the "toying" around that i am doing with it is more like full blown abuse. anyway, im looking to upgrade to a full blown mx bike. at first i was leaning towards a four stroke, but since my brother has a kawasaki kx65 (he loves it) and 2 strokes can be had for a lot less $$$ than 4 strokes right now, i am strongly considering a 125 2 stroke (to maybe upgrade to a 144 or 165 w. modifications over time). my questions are these:

what make (honda, kawasaki, yamaha, suzuki, ktm) makes the "best" (sorry for such a generic term) all around 2 stroke? our family owns 2 hondas (both 4strokes) and the kawasaki. if possible, that is if it makes sense, we'd like to get another honda or kawasaki - CR125R or KX125. anybody feel differently?

also, since bikes are so expensive new, and because they quickly become "used" after about 5 min. anyway, does looking into getting a used bike make sense? if so, im looking for something between a 2005 and 2007/08 model year (the '07s are virtually "new" anyway) ???

lastly, if the answer to the preceding question is yes, where would be a good place to look for a used bike? (right now our local dealer doesn't have anything and picking something up at the local mx track is hit or miss). are there other places similar to **** to find sellers in your prospective area?

THANKS SOOOOO MUCH FOR ANY AND ALL RESPONSES! to get a new bike, my dad says that im going to have to find the right one, at the right price, and "sell" the idea to him. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Jon H.

btw. sorry for such a long-winded post. id rather be thorough than skimp on info. :)
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