Oct 8, 2006
Hello everyone,
This summer I put the Athena 144 kit on my 2005 yz125, the thing rips, and I have put over 60 hours on this thing with the SAME TOP END,doing everthing from racing, trail riding, and ramping, and it still rips, same piston and ring.

I have been using maxima high rpm racing oil with premium gas and have been changing the jetting for the temperature changes up here in ALASKA.

I just thought I'd post an update on the piston life of the big bore kit.

Trevor Summerfield


Jan 14, 2007
wow thats a good amount of time and it still runs really well. good job I bet your happy, have you had a chance to dyno it. that would be sweet to see. good luck thanks for the update.

helio lucas

Jun 20, 2007
isn´t the bike loosing low end because of the wear and you feel the bike more powerfull because you just simply feel more the transition from low to high revs?

or you just don´t ride it hard enough to wear it??? :laugh: :laugh: :nener:

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