1973 Yamaha0 Ct3 175 Shifting Woes


Jul 17, 2007
Hello all
I am a new member hoping to find help with my problem. I bought this yamaha 1973 175 enduro a couple of years ago for 400.00 bucks it ran good except for head light wouldn't work. i managed to find the broken wire to fix that problem. The bike shifts up and down through the gears fine but when you are stopped with the clutch in and the engine running it is very difficult to get it to go into neutral. With the engine off it slips right in to neutral no problem. I thought maybe it was a clutch problem but when it is engaged it seems fine no trying to creep forward. any help or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks


Apr 23, 2001
My first guess is the "tension spring" part number 90506-09112-00 being a little fatigued. Next would be the "stopper lever assembly" part number 132-18140-01-00, which the attaches to. I think you can see these without removing the clutch basket, but I'm not sure if you can remove the stopper assembly with the basket there still??.. These are just guesses and may not be the problem still.
Good luck, Roger MOVMX#491
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