1975 Honda CR125 Elsinore


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Oct 29, 2002
I rode the vintage CC up in Michigan and the motocross part of the course was so fun, I went out and bought a vintage mx bike. Actually, I bought two. The one in the title and a 1978 CR250 Elsinore. The 250 is a nice running bike. I bought both from
Red-Racer.com He is located right here in River City. Scott is a great guy, very helpful. He has reproduction plastic and a lot of trick parts and sources. Call him are visit his website if you're a Honda guy.

The 125 is a project bike I'm restoring. Does anyone have a good location for purchasing NOS Honda parts on the web? Also, is there a web based parts list posted anywhere that you know of? Red Racer has a great relationship with the local Honda dealer, mine is just so so.

I'm taking the 250 up to the Vintage MX at Moberly, MO this weekend, I'm really pumped!!