Apr 29, 2007
I just picked up an 83 CR250R today. It runs great, better than expected for a $300 machine. I realize certain parts for this year CR are very rare :bang: . I'm really looking for any information I can get about it other than specifications, A few specific questions I have are: Would a later model year front end CRanything fit correctly on this 83 so I could have the disk? What other year CR's rear wheel would fit this bike? Are there any other year or model CR that has a kickstart arm to fit this 83?

Thank you for your time, guys.



Apr 8, 2007
ive got a 84 cr125, all i have to say is dont rot on the bike, some parts are discontinued and are like a needle in the hay stack. Your bike might have the ATAC chamber, check and lube up these parts cuz i had a broken part that took me ages to find.

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