1983 Kdx Wiring Problems plus more URGENT NEED HELP PLEASE!!


Jun 29, 2001
Hey all . im sorry to make u all laugh but i have a 1983 kdx 200 . i am currently trying to register it. i was wonderin if any of u knew what i have to do to register this (the requirements). ie like have all lightsworkin, speedo wht else i need ????? umm also i am tryin to re wire my lights as they were all stuffed when i bought it . they used to work but now when i have my bike running my bike puts out more then 12 volts how can i overcome this problem??????. i need URGENT help as i wanna register reall soon any input would be greatly appreciated
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Aug 7, 1999
Neil, I'm in Oz too so I'll try to help you out here.

Basically you'll need all lights working, horn, speedo, at least one mirror, street legal tyres, a chain guard, metal levers with the knobs on the end intact, and in sound mechanical condition ie muffler in good nick, spokes tight, brakes working etc

Your best bet would be to take it to the local bike shop where they will roadworthy it and tell you exactly what needs doing.

As for the 12 volt output, I thought they were 6 volt...never mind, just put 12v globes in. They can take a little more than 12v without blowing.

good luck.

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